Joint Anglo-French Brigade to be announced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Finn1939, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. David Cameron plans for British and French troops to serve in single brigade | UK news | The Guardian

    So it seems that on top of greater Navy, Air Force and Army co-operation between Britain and France, there will be a joint Anglo-French brigade that will train together and be able to deploy in areas of shared interest such as West Africa. The first stage of this is a large scale Anglo-French training exercise set to take place in Flanders.
  2. But when we go to war, will we only deploy half a brigade of British soldiers as the French have shown, they won't back us up in certain conflicts.

    Although the Falklands could be funny, French troops bombed by French Exocet missiles enroute to the Islands, if the brigade ever had to retake the islands.
  3. Fantasy land time.

    2 completetly different sets of logistics, 2 different Comms systems. 2 Different sets of doctrine and the mindset that uses that doctrine.

    Does anyone see extra money being freed up for this?

    More to the point. Does anyone see the French getting involved if it's not in their National interest ? Or a British Government being happy to blow chunks out of Africa every time the French decide to extract their nationals by force from some shiote hole?
  4. The last time we tried working with the French in Flanders it all went horribly wrong.

    Whatever you do, don't tell the Germans they will start a race to the coast. If the Mayor of Paris is informed you will see the white flag being un-furled over the L'Arc de Triomphe and girly sized beer glasses being replaced with steins before you can say "we surrender".

    On the plus side, it may give us reasonable grounds to sink the french fleet again which could justify retaining the Fleet Air Arm.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, along with conflicts that have nothing to do with the French (Iraq) and conflicts that have nothing to do with the UK (Parts of Africa) how can anything be done jointly?
  6. But how will you only sink the French half of HMS Queen Elizabeth, or *only shoot down the French 'planes embarked on her?

    *well, ok, the Etendardes and Rafales would be easier to identify...
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Zut alors!
  8. You sure? I though Flanders was in Belgium. And that the exercise will take place in the south of France.
  9. Thats what the article states:

  10. Sinking their aircraft carrier won't be a problem, it's fooked.

    Did a six month exchange with the french armee many moons ago, officers were all very switched on and willing to take on board different tactics and approaches to problems, the discipline was pretty harsh compared to our laid back attitudes, in general the junior ranks and privates were keen and willing to get stuck in, it will be an interesting experiment, as posted everything from logistics to comms is incompatible, mind you the wine ration was good stuff.
  11. Makes more sense, half way point.
  12. Makes it easy to find, good for a few beers and close to home.

    Initial planning is for the French to dig 300 miles of trenches and flood them......
  13. I always remember the culture shock ... of being given wine in the ration packs whilst on French ranges. All the Offficer Cadets necked wine before DS realised the error. All that practice of wolfing down food and drink in 2 minutes at New College wasn't wasted after all. French hospitality ensured cartons were replenished - zoot alors!

    I reckon our shooting got better after a few cartons of red, then again mine could hardly get worse