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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Skoot, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Hello, I've been considering joinning the infantry for a few years now and just wanted to ask a quick question. What is the general considerations towards people who join an infantry regiment outside of that regiments "general recuiting area". By that I mean I want to join the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers but live in Northern Ireland and I noticed on the RRF site that most recuits come from the Newcastle and Birmingham areas.

    I was jsut wondering would I fit in just fine as long as I don't f@ck around etc. Any replies owuld be great.
  2. Well, we take Fijians.....
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well if you is from Norn irelan and they is from Norn Engerland, you will both talk funny and get on fine.

    Is it because you fancy the budgie tickler though?
  4. No no it's jsut my dad was in it really. And I decided the Irish Guards look too funny with them bearskin hats.
  5. I am in a South of England regiment and we have the odd soldier from Northern Ireland and they get on fine. Some might find it odd but if you say your Da' was in the regiment then it will make perfect sense to them. The main thing is that you won't be able to get Corporals to give you a lift home.
  6. When I joined up in 1989, I joined the Light Div, we had people join us from Canada, USA and an Aussie, so go for it, wherever and whatever unit you join they will make you feel welcome.

  7. I was RRF. It's mostly Geordies and the like, but also recruit from Manchester, Brum and the big smoke. That said, we had a canadian in our platoon, so it doesn't really matter where your from as long as you put in the graft... might bit a bit of stick in the bar, but that's another matter :wink:
  8. As mentioned abve, you'll find RRF - and any other infantry regiment - will take your family links very seriously and take it as a perfectly good reason for you to go for them rather than, eg. Mick Guards or RIR. Good mob the RRF, in my limited experience of them.

    Good luck!
  9. Take a good look at what role they are in and what you will be doing - you could find youself stagging on outside Palace Barracks if end up in wrong Battalion.

    You won`t get much stick as an Irishman (lots of very bad impressions of`"I know where you live"), but just because your Dad was in the Regiment you won`t any favours.

    Don`t rule out the Royal Irish - you`ll probably find plenty of guys you know from home and they are heading back to 16 Air Assault Brigade so you`ll get lots of time on ops.
  10. Oh ok thanks for the info guys, and I'll see you on friday when I get back from arsing around with the royal green jackets.
  11. No wait, that didn't sound right...
  12. Hello mate,
    Im having a kind of similar problem but i am already at Catterick and only have 6 weeks left of the combat infantrymans course .When i joined up through my local ACIO i was told that i would be put forward for my local regiment the Royal Anglians 2nd battalion as i am from Northamptonshire.As i have progressed through my training my section commander who is in 2RRF has told me that i should try putting in for a transfer for the Fusilers.It definitely appealed to me as the Fusilers are a well respected and decorated regiment and tend to get a lot more operational deployments that RAnglian, however upon havin a few chats with my platoon commander and having a word with the Fusiler shepard it seems that it is not within his rights to take a private from another Queens div regiment into the Fusilers.I am very proud to wear the RAnglian capbadge but i admit i am dissapointed that i cant pursue for a transfer.I was told by the shepard that as in your case had i had family connections in the Fusilers then a transfer could be more realistic so im sure you will be fine in applying for them.Best of luck and hope you get where you want to be :)
  13. Yes hope I do. Thanks for all the advice and encouragment guys (and possibly gals?)
  14. Probably bit of a bone question and although kinda related to the thread...

    At what point do you confirm which Regiment you're joining? (As a 'soldier' rather than with a commission)
    The recruiter is pushing for me to join the local Regiment (RAnglian), but instead I want to join RGJ, as I lived in that area (Ox & Bucks) for most of my life and only just moved to the East a few months ago.
    What I was wondering was do I decide at the RSC or after I pass that bit or where? I don't seem to get a definite answer from the ACIO, and they're keen to mention that Queens Div is after recruits, but Light Div and co might have a longer waiting list...

    Hope that makes some sense, just after an idea of when I have to make my final choice so I don't get a suprise at Catterick or similar when I find out I'm not going where I thought I was.

  15. If you want RGJ say so, and don't accept anything else. Make that clear at RSC and you'll be fine.