Ive been looking at joining the RMP and was wondering how it differs from the RAF police? I cant see many differences between the two roles. Ive been told RMP is better for general policing duties, whereas RAF police is more security type work. Can anyone expand on this? Thanks
That sounds about right- the main role of RAF Police is camp security.

RMP is more police duites in garrison towns and OPS.

You answered your own question mate, seriously.
Im interested in things like counter-terrorism and forensic support in addition to general policing. Which one provides the better opportunities for this?
Why not join civ pol then?

City of london police, high salery and chance to move into counter terroism...,my ex boss at work was ex counter terroism.

Now earns £60 k a year in a crisis management department in london.
My mother once said, if you have nothing nice to say about someone, you shouldn't say anything at all. Enough of the RAF Police then.

Whilst there are many similarities between RMP and RAF Police, I've had the benefit of working with both. The attitude and ethos of the RMP is very different and certainly geared towards operations. Be it general police duties in Germany, Special Investigations worldwide, where ever the Army is, the RMP will be found. Regardless of what the chain of command may say publically, the RMP is over-committed, particulary in CP and SIB. The training in all RMP specialisms is not bad but still does not give you a civi qualification afterwards. Experience will be second to none though.

The days of RAF police stagging on gates is all but gone, less the dog sections (which unfortunately RMP don't have anymore). With the odd exception, for example the Tactical Provost Wing (a poor attempt to emulate a RMP GPD Coy), they do still tend to focus within air stations within UK though. The work is nowhere near as challenging or interesting. But if you like the idea of working to rule, civil ethics and living in the same place for years on end, then join the RAF.


Have you actually served in the RMP? The RMP CSI course gives you a civilian qual. Unless it has recently lost it's accreditation?

The RAF(P) had a good crew in Berlin many moons ago when I was there and there were a good couple of lads in Kabul as well. The CI lads in Aldergrove were decent enough chaps. Must admit to having got good and guttered in their bar on a couple of occasions.

The banter will always prevail, but should never be taken seriously.
Ha, i've heard rumors about this guy....apparently they couldnt get him out of the RAF quick enough!

Sorry if this is an idiotic question but what do RMP officers actually do? I wont be starting my officer application untill 08/09 and Im currently just trying to find out what type of career I could have in the various corps/regiments so I know who to visit for familiarisation visits.
I've managed to perfect a career from doing nothing except drinking coffee and eating donuts - it matters not whether in the garrison or on ops!

Aside from that if anyone does know what an RMP officer does then please tell the puzzle palace at Upavon.
AGAI parades when Duty Officer
To give you "guidence" in a c/f diary, something which you have allready done if the thick twat read just two entries up

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