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Hi all
Bit of a newbie on here and have a question.....
Recently applied to join the army reserve ( I have signals in Windsor and Royal logistics in Aldershot close) I had my eyes tested today and my aided vision with glasses is 6/6 in both eyes but my unaided is 6/60 in my right eye and only just 6/60 in my left. Will this hold back my application?
I am 40 years old and I have been wanting to give this a go for the last 10yrs. It’s now or never I am thinking but have I left it too late to really have a chance?
Any thoughts would be appreciated
Just go for it.
At 40, you won't even be the oldest bloke in your training phases.


Not so much not appreciated. More that it is easier to keep control and maintain the expertise in one thread.

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