Hi all

I'm going through the process of joining the corps as an electrician. I had my 'informal' interview with my recruiting officer which went well. He said he would then contact me with further instructions pending my medical records which needed obviously needed reviewed by my GP. Since then my doctor hasn't passed me as I've had a history of asthma, however I've not had an occurance of asthma since I was like 5 (now 19). So I've got to appeal against the desicion. However, this is not my only concern at this moment. Immediately after the interview with my recruiting officer I contact my GP and he informed me he had sent the medical forms the day previous, I thought I would be contacted by my recruiting officer in the near future. I waited about three weeks to one month, still no news from him, so I decided to contact him. He then informed me about the situation with my doctor and that he had sent out the referral a day or two ago, so now I'm waiting for them to be delivered to my home, it's been 13 days now and still the forms have not arrived. So, the only dialogue I've had with my recruiting officer in the last 5/6 weeks is once, when I had to contact him.

So my question is... Is this normal process? does it usually take this long for them to process the necessary documents etc? because at this moment I'm concerned I'm not getting support from my recruiting officer. However, prior to them recieving my medical records he was in frequent contact informing me of just about everything I would need to know etc. I've had a history of ill health, but it is exactly that, history. I've not had any problem with my health now for about 9 years, whch falls withing the army's limits of acceptance.

I don't know what to do and again, I'm going to have to contact him first to see where we are at as my medical referral hasn't arrived although they should have over a week ago. If it wasn't for me going to see him in the first place almost 2 weeks ago, I probably wouldn't even know my doctor hadn't cleared me as he didn't even contact me by phone. So if anyone has any advice on what I should do, I'm all ears and would appreciate it. Thanks in advance

firstly my friend very good trade choice, secondly when you do get the necessary papers get used to waiting weeks for them to be processed cause that's what will happen when you hit your first unit & go to the admin office where they will be "SO" busy they don't have time to process lowly spr/jnco stuff but always seem to manage to get the grown up stuff done in time, go figure.

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