Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by St_Hubert, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Right lads,

    I using my the xmas holidays to do some career change thinking and need ur advice.

    Im working for the civil service at the minute and will need to leave cuz im bored and the cuts might do for me anyway. Basicaly i dont like them and they dont like me plus i do next to nothing all day anyway LOL.

    Im going to join the army but dont want to joing any crappy unit im more inerested in the special forces units and need some advice on selection before deploying to Afgan (2012 latest). Also - officer or regular?

    Who can help...???

    Thanks ladz much appreciated.

    GT forum BTW. ;-)
  2. Blimey do the civil service write in text speak aswell.............plenty of threads on joining up.......some even on CRAPPY UNITS if that what appeals top of your avoidance list. If your really serious then dont start running before you learn to walk if thinking your Special forces material and look at the many application process threads, however if looking at trawling for a bite, poor attempt.
  3. Couldnt agree more lol...''crapy units'' come on mate....
  4. What is a crappy unit? @.@ I didn't know the British Army had some of those, there was me going and applying for some of the best units in the army.. DUH!!
  6. You shouldn't have said that mate, I believe was a mistake saying that !You will probably realise a bit later on, after reading all the replays here ,so give it few more days and then see if I was right!
  7. Im sure you are SAS material.
  8. he might be ,you never know , be but I guess we will never find that out isn't it :)
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Nobody going to call wind up then?
  10. I think your an ideal ideal potential candidate for the RAF Regt as your interested in the SF element,

    Being as your a CS you'd slot right in,

    Crappy Units, jeez...
  11. The wah is quite dull.

    Renovatiouk's answers are brilliant though, I've read them several times and still don't know what the fuck he's on about.

    Living proof that his mummy should lock away the drugs while doing a block booking bukkake in the other room.
  12. So here comes the wise man! come on give me a break ,and if you must know, my mum past away a long time ago ! thank you for your kind reply !
  13. Look moron, I did not say anything to offend you,but I am not happy you mentioning about my mum ok, she passed away a long time ago and you giving me this crap for no reason! If you don't understand my post ,then say what the fck want cause I dont care, but leave my mum out of this ok!
  14. ..remember this answer , when the day comes... for one of your family member , croak ! see how happy you will be !unbelievable !
  15. If you're not happy about him even mentioning your mum, you're going to be proper irate when he narrates how he used to spit into her hungry anus and feed his gorged cock into her mouth. You dead mum bleating cunt.