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  1. Hi Guys.

    First of all, a little background....

    I recently qualified as a teacher but due to the lack of jobs at the moment, I have been unable to secure a full time teaching position. Due to this, I have been looking at alternative careers and one is the army. I have had an interest in the army from a young age so I know this would be a fulfilling career for me.

    I have had a look at the application form online but have not filled it in yet as I am still thinking it over in my head. Does anyone know how long is it after you fill in your form and send it off that you reach the next stage??

    Can anyone go through the time frame for everything for me?

    Thanks guys
  2. Hi mate, after you fill in the application online you will get a letter in the post inviting you to come in to an army careers office and have a chat, my letter came through in a week. When you pop in they will discuss your options and give you an application form to take come, if your still happy to come back with application in hand and they give you a date to sit your BARB test, pass that and you'll get your med forms to take to your GP (once your GP completes these it takes about a month for the army to give the OK), after your meds have cleared some ACIO's sort you out with a pre-selection or check your 1.5 mile run time - this is to see if you are ready to be sent down to ADSC. If you are you will do your 2 interviews which are usually quite quickly allocated and are right after each other, then you will be given a date for ADSC, mine was a month from passing the interviews. Thereafter it's all up to you, some people wait a few months from ADSC after getting a high grade some wait years.
  3. I couldn't really say that this time scale is 100% accurate for everybody,not contradicting you upyer_sonny, your are right however in my case after filling the online application form, I actually got a call and the letter,few weeks later and believe me or not ,the actually my first visit to ACO was after couple of good weeks,and I was told that, I should have gone there earlier in person ,and all this would have been quicker,so before filling an online application form, I would say, go there and book yourself an appointment.I was even given again to fill in that application form ,so why did I do it online ? Not sure ,but don't matter this now :) However it took me 6 months from the day one.... after stepping into ACIO ,and passing the ADSC ,and then ...phew how long will you have to wait ,I couldn't say ...as everyone says .....be patient :)
  4. Yeh very true, the process varies so much noones likely to be able to tell you exactly how long it will take for you but if you are fit and you don't mince around, pass ADSC with a good grade I reckon you can bag everything within 6 months if you are lucky.
  5. Just go straight into your ACIO, also read the stickies......some good pointers on the Recruiters guidance thread about the process.
  6. i applied in july and passed adsc with a grade A last week and my recruiter is saying its looking like it will be june that ill be going in. So thats 11 months from start to finish ! If you want to go in quicker then go infantry , they have more intakes .
  7. Funny, the government are trying to pursuade soldiers to leave and become teachers!
  8. KJT

    KJT Swinger

    What are you going in as?
  9. REME electronics technician mate
  10. Welcome to the site, Erimus. If you have qualified as a teacher complete with degree, why not apply for a commission? The AGC always needs teachers and you would be stretched to your limit by the different jobs!

    Search on here for "officer recruiting" and read through the posts.

  11. Don't be shy about it; someone has to join the REME!!!

    insert smiley ('cos I is useless...)

  12. Have you completed nqt year yet? As I'd advise completing this first.
  13. While I normally shy away from suggesting that people consider applying to join as officers based on qualifications alone, I would make an exception in this case due to the nature of what an ETS officer is required to do. To that end:

    I think you should consider applying to join the AGC ETS (Education and Training Services). This is an all officer branch of the army where every officer is a qualified teacher, many or most joining already qualified. The ETS are responsible to teaching (as distinct to training) soldiers. This includes literacy, numeracy, languages, etc. Clearly this may give you what you want, an opportunity to teach and a place in the army.