Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by corkyboy, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. hi first time posting long time reader, but here goes
    i have been thinking for a long time now about joining,i would like to join infantry,there is one not far from me in herts but there is one thing am not sure of.
    i will be 42 in aug so is this to old ?
    i run regular play sports and have worked outside all my life but grew up with the army
    old man was in 3RRF .
    if age is ok will i be to old for tours in certain countries? if yes ,thats fine but would still like to join any info greatfuly recieved and thanks in advance
  2. upper age limit for Infantry is 43
  3. that sounds great i thought i might have missed out
    will get the ball rolling and hopefully will be in before 43
    and 43 is the upper age with out previous?
    and 1 other thing is there an age limit on tours within ta compared to regs
    and thanks for your response so quickly
  4. 43 is the upper age limit without any previous military experience. If you are fit enough and pass the medicals then no worries.

    As for tours - the fact that you get into the TA basically means you are eligable for a tour. That's what they said to me anyway.

    Good look mate
  5. :D cheers for that
    thats what i needed to hear.
    thanks for the speedy replies
    cant wait to get started,we have a long history of armed service in our family inc navy and will be proud to keep it going
    cheers lads