Can eneyone give me a idea of life in the RAC is like ? I have just applied at the age of 31 makeing me the oldest recruit in the army(well may be).


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forgive me if im wrong but i thought the maximum age for Tooth arms was 27?... If this is not the case good luck. i would say having 11 mins to run ya PFT will help ! :) If your switched on enough and do well in your job, you might be recommended for early promotion.

Day to day it can be quite boring if Tanks don't float y our boat, There big noisy and dirty and require a lot of work for quite menial things !.

Also largely depends on what unit your joining. But its my chosen career and i enjoy it...... almost every day !. Good disposable income for little work 6 months of the year... But its when your out doing your job on operations that give clarity and help you decide if its for you for 22 years.

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