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Formal interview followed by selection. It all depends on what happens at selection, if you are required to attend another selection, what regt. you are joining etc etc.
Your going to hate it but possibly there's still a long way to go. Still have interviews, ADSC, and if your medical hasnt been processed it could take a while, on the other hand, you could find yourself in basic training withiin two months from now. be aware though if you fcuk at ADSC you have to wait three months before youcan return, bets of luck though hope it all goes smoothly
Suedehead said:
i did both formal interviews 1 after the other with different people, i dont know if that is standard procedure though.
not necessarily, you might have been lucky, cos i had the same too, if i am not mistaken, one's with your recruiter and the other one is with a major, or a most senior officer that was there at the time, so instead of waitin another week, yu did it one after the other , most people wud wait... :)
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