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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Asherz, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. upon joining your regiment or battalion are you allowed motorbikes on base ? or is it only cars allowed. i ask this as i do not have a car licence but have a full uk bike licence. i`m joining 9/12L and i`m aware by the time i join them they will be based at catterick so i`m unsure weather you get taught to drive upon joining them. and i was thinking bringing my bike if allowed when i get weekends of i could use it to get back down to leicester and/or go findin the lush roads that are up north for bikes.

    sorry if about the wah question :)

  2. You should be allowed your vehicle once you start phase 2 training. Just make sure its taxed, insured and MOT'd.
  3. i guess there is secure parking for cars and bikes...guess theres no worry of it being nicked :D
  4. Usually on camps theres a specific parking area and it wont be any where close to your accomodation. The secure bit is armed guards at the gate not at the car park :). Its probably 5% more secure than at Tesco's. You park at owners risk, saying that everyone else will be so dont sweat about it.
  5. Last time I was in Bovvy (2007), there was a parking area for phase 2 recruits, I would assume it is still there. As for your car licence, you will get that in Phase 2 training.
  6. main worry is parking a bike worth a good 3-4k in which ppl could easily lift into a truck etc. if its inside the base then i wouldnt have any worrys its if its outside the base
  7. Don't worry about the 5h!te here mate, bikes are allowed on camp no probs, most units provide parking v near your accompdation and if not, considering it's a bike and if your clever about it, you should be able to park nr accomodation once your in your working unit. Phase 2 is slightly dif but your still allowed your vehicle on camp. As mentioned above though, your bike will not be allowed on camp until you can prove your taxed, MOT'd and insured. Take docs with you and Present when you get to phase 2 (you'll be asked to prove when applying for a 'pass').

    FYI all weekends are your own unless on ex, ops, stag or you have been naughty. As for moving up North, I'll see you in the Winter of this year hopefully
  8. should be seeing me indeed. just gota dig deep and get through basic and phase 2
  9. You aint even passed out an your worrying about taking your bike!!!!!!!!!!!! passout first mate before you start thinking about taking your bike.
  10. nothing wrong with having plans set out
  11. nope there isnt mate dont listen to them your planning your future better then leaving it to the last minute
  12. i thought army looked for forward thinking people. get as much sorted = less to flap about
  13. What cap badge you joing? and if its RA you'll be going larkhill and aparently they are having harsh locker inspections every tuesday and thursday.

    Oh and you will still have to march everywhere, i'll be up there soon so be prepared to brace upto me when you march past if you go there. LOL
  14. i`m going r.a.c :) so pirbright and bassingbourne
  15. 8O