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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scottish_Gaz, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Im going for RLC Driver, and i start my phase 1 training in november. Basically originally i wasnt bothered where id go after i completed my phase 2 training, but since ive applied, my gf has become pregnant.

    Basically im a little confused off what happens after i complete phase 2 training.

    Will i either serve my service in UK or Overseas?
    Can i choose to be based in UK but obviously do operations abroad?

    I just want to know what exactly i can expect to happen, please any help be great, just to i know and can prepare myself encase i will be away for all my service
  2. As an RLC driver you get posted for the most part as an individual, that means when you finish your phase 2 training you will get posted to a unit somewhere in the world, it could be anywhere but the chances are for your first posting its going to be either Germany or UK.

    But you will not stay at that unit for life so do not start worrying about stuff like that. I imagine that the RLC towards the end of your training will give you the chance to put in your 'dream sheet' about where you wish to be posted (but its called a dream sheet for a reason ;) ).

    The chances are you will get posted to a unit for either 3 or 4 years, but its not like you are going to be confined to camp, if you are in the UK then you will get plenty of chance to see your Girlfriend and nipper, if its Germany then you will see less of her but it's still relatively easy to get back and forth from there :)

    Oh and girlfriends dont just 'become' pregnant, boyfriends tend to do that to them, and you have just put her and yourself under pressure from the start considering you are starting training in November ;)
  3. Pregnancy was a mistake, but i wont go into that in much detail, and yes i know its more pressure, its come at the worste possible time.

    When the MOD come to decide who goes were, do they take anything into consideration or is it just your luck?

    Id like to be based in the UK, obviously im aware ill go all over the world on operations etc, but id prefer to technically be based in the UK to see them both more often.
  4. The pregnancy wasn't a mistake on your girlfriends part just yours. Are you so blinded by pussy you couldn't see this was her last resort to stop you joining LOL.
  5. My friend is an RLC Driver from Paisley and he got sent to Germany after he passed out of phase 2.
  6. Ask - just ask. It can't hurt.
  7. She isnt like that to plan it, anyways, im not on here to talk about my private life, its the army life in questioning. So im guessing its just my pot luck then?
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I suppose luck comes into it but you get to put your dream sheet in. Increasingly they try to accommodate. Given that most people would rather go to Germany who knows.

    You could consider marrying the lady and taking her with you. Yes it may all go pear shaped but on the other hand the majority of non-marriage relationships break up and that's when they live together. Add into that the pressure of not living together and, statistically speaking, your relationship is on a hiding to nothing.

    You may say that's not going to happen to you and that you are determined to make the relationship work and be a good dad... If so marry her and put some commitment behind that determination.
  9. well be have been together for 3 years and already live together, but not married.

    Im aware that i can take her with me and be giving accomodation if i get based in Germany, and that is what im planning to do.

    But i know her heart wont be 100% in living in Germany, she will come because she loves me and she will be happy, but i know she would rather live in UK near her friends and family.

    So i know if i do go to Germany, then there is still that option, this is why im questioning this, just so i got a clearer understanding of the possibilities.

    Its just, she is a bit young only being 18, and me 22, so its harder for her than me to move so far away.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not unless you are married.

    You are right you are probably too young but that's tough because there is a child to consider and it's (and your) best chance of future happiness are in getting married.

    It won't be easy...
  11. Yes i know its only if im married.

    If i did, it only be a registry office job, since im too young for a big white wedding, could re do our vowls later on down the line since registry office is more of a bit of paper, wereas a big wedding shows your love and demotion

    less of the softness, im aware its going to be hard, especially as now there is a child involved.
  12. Scottish_Gaz

    I'm in a similar situation to ya mate i also start basic in november and have a young family were not married and have daughter.

    we both decided from the off that if i was based in the Uk after training then they would stay in our hometown with friends and family,
    the missus works and the little'n is nearlly starting school so it makes more sense that way.

    as fivetodo said it will be easy enough to commute and get back and see them.

    On the other hand if i was posted to say..Germany then we would get married and i'd ship em over sorted! :)

    Thats just us tho!, and to be honest at the moment we fcuking hate each other so what do i know!!! :wink:
  13. Hehe. Talking is the best way to resolve hatred iv found. thru painfull experience
  14. No seriously at the minute she's acting nuttier than a squirels shit! :twisted:
  15. Reminds me of my gf. Very unpredictable and temperamental. Meh women eh. Im looking at joining Hcav so i know generally the possible postings after training. Fun
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