Joining with record and possible charges

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jww, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Jww


    I want to sign up for fabricator in army, im 21 basically qualified with nvq 2 and 3 in fabrication & welding, i have one caution on my record for assault, and i'm currently on bail for drunk driving possible aggrivated drunk driving, it will probably goto court, dunno what sentence i'll get but either way i have a criminal record, what are the chances of enlisting for this job with this type of record?
  2. Put everything off until after your sentencing has been completed.
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  3. There must be a full moon.
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  4. Jww


    there must be a full moon, so your basically saying my chances are next to nil ?
  5. Get a good solicitor and plug some KY jelly it'll be easier that way.
  6. Is it a good record?

    My favourite record is Fantastic by Wham. I've got it on LP as well as tape.
  7. Jww


    set of funny c**ts eh, nevermind i'll ask a career officer, cheers
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  8. I find that really hurtful. We've tried our hardest to help you, because we can see the value of having someone as law-abiding as you within the ranks of the Army, and you come back with something like that?

    It's really out of order. Please apologise.
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  9. What's a fabricator? I never met one.

    Is it some form of professional liar?
  10. OP, you don't currently live in Bulgaria do you? Anything you haven't told us?
  11. Jww


    i appreciate your answer zero over, i came here for an answer not criticism or bad jokes. thanks
  12. Actually Zero Over gave you the spot on answer First reply

    "Put everything off until after your sentencing has been completed. "

    You cant do anything until you have been sentenced then you have to go to see your recruiter....with this type of Unspent conviction they will more than likely speak with the RG Caseworker after following guidelines from the 493 Rehabilitation of offenders Act after your sentencing.
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  13. Jww


    sorry, thats what i ment, i appreciate your answer zero over, ok thanks, i'll see how it goes with the case first.
  14. I'm having my Mars Bar back, you clearly posted something sensible outside the given time.
  15. Bugger! I can't help it, sometimes I know the real answers to questions!
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