Joining with one kidney?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BOBBYTURBO, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. I have a friend who's looking to join but had a kidney removed around 18 years ago. He is fit enough to pass RSW but is worried that he might fail the medical due to this. If anybody has advice it would be appreciated. cheers
  2. For your friend?

    You need two. Between Phase 1 and two training they take one out and store it in case you get shot etc, then they can replace it.

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  3. If it was 18 years ago it should've grown back by now. Tell him to join up now.
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  4. or if u cant be arrsed

    3.7.12. Absence, loss or malfunction of a kidney. Candidates with only one
    functioning kidney may be acceptable provided that there is no evidence of
    disease in the remaining kidney, i.e., no persistent abnormality on urinalysis and
    a measured GFR6 of at least 60ml/min, in the absence of raised blood pressure.
    All cases meeting the above criteria and potentially acceptable should be
    referred to the single Service Occupational Physician responsible for selection
    of recruits. Candidates with renal transplants are graded P8. [DCA Medicine]
  5. Cheers for the replies. I've passed the info along and he's going in to see the recruitment staff.
  6. Hi,

    I had to have a kidney removed when I was 14, so 12 years ago for me. I'm corps and didn't have any problems getting in, and I wouldn't have thought it would be any different with the infantry. I think as long as you haven't had any recurring problems since the operation it isn't an issue. One practical consideration though - I always have to carry an extra water bottle on my webbing as I seem to get much more thirsty than everyone else when I'm out in the field. I'm probably just weird though!!! :oops:
  7. I knew a guy that joined the Infantry several years ago with only 1 kidney. He later transfered to the AGC(SPS) and had no problems with any aspect of training or Army life.

    He did used to drink Asbach and coke and get smashed at the drop of a hat!

    Pussy :D
  8. Good info. I'll pass it along. He's had no problems since the operation so he'll be pleased to hear this. Cheers
  9. Cheap night out though, lucky barstewerd :twisted:
  10. I've only got one kidney, and I'm plodding along nicely in the Inf...
  11. Most people with only one kidney are not aware of the fact, having only been born with one and never had a problem.

    Having one kidney shouldn't make you any more thirsty than having two, and it certainly doesn't make you a alcohol lightweight.

    The people described above might be both, but not because they only have one kidney.

    (A urological surgeon)
  12. Just stumbled across this, and it's a great deal off my mind. I was born with one kidney and the medical staff at ADSC said this may be an issue. My GP is sending them some information about it and from there a decision is made. If any of you are still posting, thanks
  13. IRON, Disco, leash these ******* in, I nearly pissed meself then, and not through involuntary incontinence.
  14. You're a corps(e?) and you had no problem getting in? I am in awe. Were you in Sean of the Sead?