joining with lots of convictions

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by potentialarmyperson, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. I have recently got out of prison. I dont want to be judged but I have around 60 unspent convictions. I am now 23 and have just done 18 months inside. While in prison I have got 3 gcses (maths, eglish, p.e) and also some NVQ's.

    However even though i have tried really hard with my education no one wants to give me a job because I have lots of convictions for theft from employers etc... I also have some violence offences and twocs etc... all standard young person stuff.

    My mum read in the daily mail that the army was full of people with criminal records and look at it all very liberally. I thought I would try the TA for a bit, but they didnt want me. So ive decided to go straight in for the army, with all the wars on i dont think they will be as picky.

    Can you give me any tips for getting in asap? Thanks
  2. Either a very poor wah, or a nice fishing expedition by a journalist. To the hole!
  3. This is a wind up right.Jog on numb nuts
  4. This is no wind up at all. I really really wan to join the army. Im turning my life around. I am just looking for some advice. Can you give some? thanks
  5. 1) Im no wah whatevr that is. 2) im no journalist.

    Can you give me some tips for getting in the army? thankyou
  6. I shan't rip you here...

    Speak to your Local AFCO , They will tell you after reviewing your convictions it will depend on the crimes,

    I guess If they are minor crimes and the nature they were commited in may have a shot... but then again I haven't broke the law before ( or just haven't been caught yet hehe )

    But yes be straight with your local AFCO ,

    And very nice post Wil Lmao....
  7. You have to do serious crime to get in the army mate. Look at that bloke Raol Moat, he just failed selection.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Nice CV, you'll fit right in.

    In all seriousness, stick to what you're good at because the Army will laugh in your face. I hear big Dave from the Toxteth crew is looking for fixers at the moment, might be worth giving him a shout.
  9. would you say that if i said i was really sorry it would help. given that my last conviction was more than 18 months ago i think it shows alot...

    also would you say the army are easier than the ta to get into? thanks

  10. No need to be negertive mate. Ive some stuff and paid the price. Prison aint fun, iraq will be easy after that. ill be a good solger.
  11. "would you say that if i said i was really sorry it would help. given that my last conviction was more than 18 months ago i think it shows alot... "

    Errr would that be because you were otherwise occupied as stated in your first post.....

  12. The british army aren't in Iraq anymore we are kickin there next door neighbour's arrse's (Afghan) .

    But Like I said only thing you can do is discuss it with your Local AFCO , Sadly no one on here can do anything for you apart from advice..
  13. I didnt do anything in prison. Had a few sit downs and some punishments. BUT I never did anything bad enough to get sent back to court. So I think it counts... just cos you are in prison doesnt mean you cant be doing crimes if you want to...
  14. I think you'll probably find it very hard to get into the Army, which is a shame if you genuinely are trying to put your past behind you. The biggest problem you have is that you have had employment in the past and abused the trust shown in you, it's not likely to reassure prospective employers.
    Try voluntary organisations, especially religious ones (they have a track record or tolerance to convictions), you may have to work voluntarily but at least you'll be employed which should stop you becoming bored and help you keep out of trouble. It will also show people that you can stay out of trouble, that you can work hard and that you genuinely are trying your best to turn your life around.
    Whatever you decide, getting a job isn't easy but you can turn things around if you try hard enough and show enough determination.
    If being a soldier really fires you up then the French Foreign Legion may accept you (they can still be choosy though). They will make you a soldier and give you five years experience to come back to the British Army and try again.
    Just don't give up on trying to reform, you have an awful lot of life ahead of you, make it count.
  15. It's obviously a wind up, you mongs.

    It's spelling is too good. You lot need to get over yourselves.