Joining with G6PD deficiency

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I recently had my application to RMAS rejected on medical grounds due to my having G6PD deficiency. I have never taken medication of any sort for this and I've never had any effects as a result of it. My parents mentioned it to me once when I was a child but it's never been brought up since and I had forgotten about it when I applied. I was graded P8 (below entry standards).

I was wondering if anyone has successfully appealed a decision like this or if it's out of the question to be allowed in with it? If you were successful what did you do to get your doctor to sign off on it? I'm in perfect health as far as I'm aware, my best 4 km time is 17 mins so I was surprised to have been turned away.

Thanks for your time
There are various designation for this sex linked condition. It is often asymptomatic. The problem is that certain triggers, eg diet, can cause lysis of red blood cells. Hopefully you are aware of these triggers so I will not list them.

Once lysis of RBC starts, treatment is needed. Operationally, this may be a problem.

As a starter, you would need to find out which variant of this condition you have. At that point, professionally qualified medics/biochemical scientists on this board may be able to help with advice as may recruitment staff. Ultimately, it is a question for the authorities though.
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