Joining with criminal record

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Vulgar607, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. I have several police cautions against me and was wondering if this would affect me joining the Army; for any advice you could give me I would be much obliged.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I had a police record when I joined, in fact I think I had 3.

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    I had no problem at all, except there was no record player where I did my basic training.
  3. Ask the guys at the Careers Office - I believe these are spent convictions and are therefore not held against you unless you are going for certain sensitive trades like nursing and police, in which case you have to cough to them but they aren't held against you.
  4. I be straight with you, I've no cautions for dishonesty or anything like that but what I'm worried about is one I have for possession of a firearm in a public place. A firearm being a BSA Lightning .22 and public being the bottom of a wooded quarry in the middle of nowhere. It's not like I was being irresponsible or anything and I was using a rifle case when I wasn't shooting. I wasn't even aware I was commiting an offense. I had my application for a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license rejected because of this and therefore lost my job as a guard as it is a legal requirement to have one. Will I be okay to join up with this on my record?
  5. You'll just have to go to the ACIO and ask the guys there - they'll know better than anyone. You may find you can join the army, but you could be limited to what trades you can apply for.
  6. A good reason never to accept a caution. PM me I might be able to point you in the direction of some help with this.
  7. Sure you be ok with just a caution. i had a caution just be honest or it will end up bitting ya on the arse later on.
  8. Unless any punishment, ie fine, caution or convition was given by magistrate or judge then declare it on your initial interview and the ACIO bod will take it from ther. Shouldnt be too much bother as the acceptance for "unspent" convictions joining the Army has just been raised to 3.
  9. As stated go into ACIO and they will give you Rehabilitation Act forms for you to fill in. Out of Recruiting now so havent got current Recruit Instructions but believe everything will be ok as not a conviction. Its always best to be honest with the recruiter as it wont come back to bite you at a later time. fingers crossed but should be ok.
  10. Cheers lads
  11. A caution is not going to be a bar to service. You will need to declare it at the careers office but the only areas you can have problems with is RMP, Int Corps and Nursing.
  12. hi just wondering wouldnt they do checks before you started basic to avoid wasting money on dishonest recruits ?

  13. Yeah, once you pass Selection you'll be given either a CTC or an SC form to fill in. (SC for the more sensitive trades i.e. Int Corps) - both cover criminal records.
  14. do you fill the CTC form in when you sign your oath? as i dont recall having to do this.