Joining with bowel cancer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Alpha111, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Right here is what has happened, I have just come back from a follow up meeting from having my appendix removed to be told that I have a minor form of bowel cancer. They are aiming to operate within 2 weeks and nip it in the bud with a 98% success rate.

    Does anyone know the Army policy on officers joining following a successful cancer treatment where there has been a complete removal of the cancer. I have contacted the careers center but as usual they have been as useful as a chocolate tea pot and said they were unable to give me an answer. I have had a look at the medical requirements on the joining sheet, but again its inconclusive. I would be extremely grateful to anyone with information on this.


  2. To start - good luck with your treatment mate.

    I would guess that the risk-adverse recruiting policy would probably preclude you joining as a reg officer, but your best bet as always is to go and ask. They'll then get a doc to tell you yeah or naw. Nothing ventured...

    All the best for the future though, hope you get it sorted

  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Personnel in careers offices are not medically trained. They are not allowed to give medical advice or answer any medical questions. This is the policy set by RG so slagging them off is not the way ahead.

    The direct quote from the Army website is "Please note that the ACAs and recruiting office staff are not medically qualified and are therefore unable to answer or advise on medical conditions. All decisions regarding medical suitability for entry are only made by appropriately appointed medical staff."

    However if you had looked you may have found - Most cancers are considered to place an applicant below the medical entry standard. Exceptions: some cancers in childhood or early adult life that have been successfully treated and are regarded as cured.

    As you can see it is not a definitive answer but it is the only one you will get until your medical is received and you are assessed by a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. Obviously to get to that stage you will need to make an application and unfortunately speak to one of those people that in your words are as useful as a chocolate tea pot.
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  4. Alpha, first of all good luck with the treatment and I hope it all works out for you. Sup Rec has given some good advice and you may need to be aware that how pissed off about the situation you are has come through loud and clear and this is something you may want to work on to be successful at selection. Part of the process that you go through is designed to test how you cope with adversity. No-one is suggesting that you have to lie back and take this shit, however, slagging off the the recruiters possibly shows a lack of understanding of the recruitment process, especially given that the bit about recruiting staff not being medically trained (and therefore unable to comment on specific examples such as yours) which is available to you if you had researched it; this lack of attention to detail does not a good officer make.
  5. Mod edit: lying on enlistment is never a good idea
  6. shut the **** up
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  7. Regardless of the way the application turns out, best wishes for the recovery and treatment. Dont give up the positive mindset.

    Best of luck for the rest
  8. You'd be good on "Just a Minute"...
  9. Ignore me, I thought you had said Spleen not appendix :)
  10. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    You did deserve it with the "I would have kept it under my hat and delayed entry a wee bit. If the success rate is 98% then it was never going to be a problem" statement. If he didn't mention it, it would definately come to light when his med docs are sent to RMAS, then bye bye career on integrity issues.
  11. Good luck with the treatment, An officer I recently served along side joined after a 'brush with cancer' (his description). I can't quote medical policy but if you get the all clear then you will hopefully be able to join.
  12. You'd be good on a different web site and not giving out your special 'advice' on a thread like this.
    It's not like the OP will be able to hide or 'forget' that he has surgery, especially for cancer. Were he to have lied (even by omission) he'd get found out and then be DOE (defect on enlistment) and binned for that.

    why have I mentioned this? because other people will find this thread on a search at some point and it would be a pity if someone were to follow your stupid advice.

    PS do you know about values and standards?
  13. Have a word with yourself, you sack. Have you heard Bader's "Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men"? The world is not designed for people like you. You can have your values and standards and wait at the end of the queue if you like... There are some things in life to be honest about, risking a future livelihood on being honest here is not sensible. The OP is being positive and looking at the pros and cons.
  14. I can't be arrsed getting into a 'who can be the biggest cock on a serious thread' contest with you, as you've already won.

    I still maintain that it's best to be honest especially with a serious matter like surgery and cancer. it's not like you can convincingly bluff forgetting about it.
    I remember several crow being kicked out for 'forgetting' to disclose much less serious matters that were more easily hidden at the time, now that full NHS records are requested it's much, much harder.