Joining with a mate - is it possible?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mihikle, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Hey all,

    My mate just got Medically Discharged from AFC Harrogate, and has been prevented from re-joining for the next 2 years, however he is still very much up for it. We are planning to both go to ITC Catterick in around 2015.

    My question is: Is it possible to get your AFCO to put you on the same intake for the same Reg as your mate who goes to a different AFCO an hour up the road?

  2. Tell your AFCO that he's your civil partner and it might improve your chances, otherwise they probably couldn't give a flying.
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  3. Best answer is to ask your AFCO but I wouldn't hold your breath.
  4. Tell the AFCO you want to go down the Pals Battalion route that should get it sorted.
  5. Thought that would be the case, I'll just have to try and time it well
  6. Tell them, you be surprised what may be achieved f you ask.
  7. If you really want to join why should you delay starting your career for two years? Even if you end up on the same intake you or your mate could pick up an injury and get back-squadded, the chances are you'll be posted to different battalions and so it goes on. You'll find that you make friends very quickly in the pressure cooker of training and to be honest an old mate from civvy street might be an impediment rather than anything positive. You don't need to be in each others pockets to stay good mates.
  8. I can think of no better way to end a friendship than going through basic together. Why would you even want to?
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  9. Whatever cap badge you wear, or whatever intake you are in, you will soon make new mates.
  10. By 2015 you could be a Astronaut for NASA or doing something else. Thats a hell of a long way away, anything could happen in 2 years. Ask your AFCO they more likely say, come back in 2015 and ask again.
  11. I'm still bezzy oppos with the skinny pasty waster in the next bed to me in induction at Lympswitz.

    He got backtrooped so many times he had a tunnel named after him on Woodbury.

    C/Sgt now :)

    Don't wait two years to join with your mate there are plenty of other asocial losers to link up with in Basic.
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  12. hi mate,

    in regards to your question, i was new out of training and got stuck in the careers office for abit.. now getting your recruiter to put you in for the intake is virtually impossible. if your talking going through the whole stage of your 1 day pre-asessment and ADSC's is a possibility. as you reach ADSC's and hopefully complete this phase you will be rewarded a score which will stick you in as what we call the "hopper" you could get a higher score than your mate, which will then boost you up the list, as he has a lower score people who get a higher score than him will only move him down the basically moving your score completely apart from each other. then for each intake of recruits they will sit and look at what they need and unfortunately you would be more likely to get a shorter date i.e you wait 4 months he could wait 7-12 months. My advice to you is dont ditch off your mate but i suggest you carry through your process as the army is changing drastically and it gets shitter by the minute so you will not benefit joining in 2015 as recruiting will slow down.... your decision.
  13. Howcome recruiting will slow down? Also the 7-12 months wait time, would that depend on the role you want?
  14. recruiting will slow down as 2014 is our pullout year, on top we are getting rid of one third of the troops in germany and bringing them back to the UK which then gives us an extra 134,000 troops in the UK. take it from me you need to carry this through without your mate, thats dreamland shit mate enjoy your process
  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Gen dit, I joined the RN with my bezzie oppo from school, he didn't quite make it into my intake and I went through Raleigh about 4 months earlier than him, we were different trades but somehow ended up on the same ship together.

    It's rare but it can happen.

    At one point he nearly married my sister, before she fucked him off.