Joining with a Criminal Record

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mark0106, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Don’t know if I am posting this in the right place ..

    Can you join the army with a criminal record?

    I have always been interested in the army and thought about joining but never did anything about it.

    I’ve been in a bit of trouble before and had a suspended sentence but I am back in court at the end of the month for sentencing on ABH and am told to expect 12 months – 2 years. I’m 19 so I’ll probably end up in a Young Offenders.

    With all this shit going on I’m trying to look to the future and what I can do. I presume if I was able to join the army I would go in with a clean slate and my past wouldn’t be held over me. If there is anybody there who was in a similar situation or knew someone who was it would be good to hear what happens.
  2. Detention in a YOI might not be a stopper in the long term but you would need to keep your nose clean on release and would certainly have to wait until any probation etc was served.

    You have a choice really, continue to be a scrote or keep your nose clean and turn your life around. What you have done in the past isn't an issue if thats where you want to keep it.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of aggression, you just need to channel it and control it. Para Regt would certainly give you the opportunity to turn your life round.

    My advice, plead your case to the beak, get some info from the AFCO regarding your convictions, arrange a Look At life and stay out of further trouble.

    I personally know some very good soldiers who started off their careers with a chequred past and they have done extremely well.

    The ball is firmly in your court.

    Accept whats coming, take your punishment like a man then follow whatever guidance you receive from your recruiting office.
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  3. Well I haven't been in any trouble for 6 months and know I can't afford to be. Knowing that I was probably going to prison has changed the way I look at things like nothing else. To be honest, I'm a bit freaked out by all of that but I know I can look after myself but that can get me into trouble to.
  4. Convictions must be spent.

    They dont look kindly on sexual, racial or violent crime mind you.
  5. You are allowed to enlist with 2 or less unspent convictions providing non of the above conditions apply.

    Even if you get sent down and do YOI look upon it as an opportunity to pay your debt to society and prove to yourself you can keep out of trouble. Sometimes the brave thing to do is walk away.

    If I'd battered everyone in the army that P*ssed me off, I'd be out of a career and there would be a severe shortage of officers.

    Whatever happens you will need a special enlistment authority I suspect. Behave well in YOI and the report from that can help.

    Like I said, nothing wrong with aggression young un, its how you use it that matters.
  6. Dont know about joining with a criminal record, but I certainly left the mob with one 17 years later :-D
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  7. i've got convictions for ABH + common assault and they took me

    you'll have to finish all orders and after that there's a waiting period before you can apply... I had to wait 18 months, just to prove i'm not always in and out of trouble and have learnt my lesson.

    depends how many convictions you've got aswell... 1 ABH can be put down to 1 of those mistakes you make when ya young.. if you've got a few though it looks like a pattern and they'll start to look at things differently.

    each case is looked at individually anyway on a points scheme or something.
  8. I'm 18 years old with 6 convictions and have served a sixteen month sentence in a yoi. I went to my local army careers place and they say wait until everything is spent and then apply. As long as you have a period of time where there are no offences and u tell them it was when u was young and its all in the past. Y0u should be fine.they are desperate for new recruits so dont give up
  9. And good luck
  10. Good to hear of someone in the same sort of position. Only problem with that is that I'm 19 now so I would be 29 until the conviction is spent - you have to wait 10 years if you are over 18 and get more than 6 months sentence. Wouldn't fancy joining up at 29!

    I've heard though that they will look at things again a year after release and although it would be hard to get in that quick there is a slight chance.
  11. There's some erronous info on this. You have to be clear of the difference between rehab & waiting periods the first is the time during which you must declare a conviction the second is a period that the Army MAY send you away to ' get light ' between offences (if necessary)

    If someone serves ONE period of detention in an ADULT prison of less than 30 months they MAY be eligible. The Army CAN be very considerate IF a potential applicant warrants it (see below)

    Just two fines CAN mean a wait of 12 months BUT at the same time two fines and other offences MAY be waived. Its' all about the regulations the recruiting staff need to work within, and YOU.

    Mr X comes in, has a bit of a history BUT is as keen as mustard, great attitude AND wonts a crime free future then there's hope.

    Mr S Comes in he say " he can handle himself " (whopee *hit ) not hard when you're jumping up & down on a young kids head! His attitude sucks he doesn't give a *hit about society, the Army or anyhting else (less himself). Do you think the recruiting staff will give a *hit about him??

    The Army is keen to recruit as ever BUT NOT desperate. If you are worthy of a chance and show that (as the early chap said LAL, nose clean etc) then the Army will be interested.

    If you are the type of guys who likes to shout about how he " can handle himself " and are more interested in committing criminal activity then my advice is " go away, we don't want you"

    I don't know you if your the former i.e. good chap I look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive club if the latter. Don't bother.

    I have known some great guys who have gone off the tracks BUT they come into the office and start a new life ' Army be the best ' Can you??
  12. Go for it. The Army wants people and is not concerned about what they have done before, 3 weeks ago I had a meeting with a former "colleague" from an era in the past, he continued his career in the IRA, I broke ranks and after 18 months joined the Army.
    If you join as a criminal and keep your criminal attitude you will be found out very quickly and most service Regts/Corps at soldier level can persuade you to change so look at it as a re-hab experience.
  13. Have you spoken to your solicitor about this? Might be worth making your intentions known to the Court - the Court may be willing to suspend your sentence so that you can join the Army now. Always worth asking.....

  14. Anyone with any outstanding conviction is not considered to be an applicant until post sentencing.

    There's an important reason for this! Previously every waste of rations and his dog was ' in the process of joining your honor' until let off scot free and sticking two fingers up to justice.

    I'm of course not implying you're a waste but as you and know they are out there - good luck
  15. No as silverratcat said that wasn't a possibility. I had heard before that they used to do that but was told that they wouldn't consider it until the court had dealt with the case and I had been sentenced. I did mention about it when I met with the probation officer in the past few weeks so they will know what I'm thinking. I spoke to the recruitment people too so I know it won't be easy to get in but if I stay out of trouble I have a chance.

    I know that it's only TV and that but for someone like me something like Bad Lads Army would be something I'd jump at the chance of doing if I could. Just better than ending up locked up for a year or whatever I get. I'm back in court next Monday for sentencing so I have my last few days to get stuff sorted out.

    Thanks for the info from here - I posted in another section about if anybody knew about what to expect in a Young Offenders place and got ripped about it - so it's good to get some decent advice here.