joining, what options do i have?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clarkie_ni, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. iv just left school and i want to join the army, but am not sure what options i will have!

    am not gona get the best qualifications, probably lookin at a E in maths and Eng, D in geog, C in science (single award), double B in engineering, C in Life and work (compulsory subject, we had to do).

    Can anyone gimme some ideas of what my options are and what trades i can go for! Or shud i just go for infantry?
  2. I don't want to give advice as I'm not really in a position to do so.

    But the best thing to do is get down to the careers office if you haven't been yet. Thats the best source of info you can get.

  3. Might upset a couple of the lads on here with "just infantry" pal. It's a very hard n challenging job. The best people to speak to are the army careers advisors, they are trained in knowing. Im sure all combat roles are open to you, artillery, some RLC jobs etc. Have you thought about the army foundation college at Harrogate, it is where school leavers are taught to be soldiers.
  4. From a different query:

    The links lead to all of the jobs currently published on the internet.

    If you haven't already been there, try this:

    It will be a bit easier than trawling through all of the links listed in the quote.
  5. i didnt say just infantry! i said should i just go for infantry! ;)
    cheers for the reply, getting my results in august so would i be best to wait till then?
  6. You should have your predicted grades or at least know them from school. Research jobs on the Army jobs site Clicky, select potential jobs in your grade boundaries and interests.

    Create a shortlist of jobs and when you go down to your Careers Office use your list to aid the recruiters, this will make their life easier. The recruiters will tell you what jobs are available to you by using your BARB score and GCSE grades (or predicted grades) to narrow the list down.
  7. Sounds like the royal engineers is the way for you! You might need to imporve your maths tho...and definately your english, thats evident.
  8. Tee Hee
  9. Way to go, bouncing irrelevent threads from months ago.

    Clarkie_ni what grades DID you get ?

  10. You may not be good enough for the Infantry!!!
  11. "Just infantry"

    Go fcuk yourself , and learn to spell.
  12. Forastero

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    Stay on thread and leave out the abuse.
  13. Royal Engineers will probably offer the widest range of jobs for you, but like others have said, get down to your local AFCO and talk to someone.
    I've got 9 GCSE's at A and B, and 3 A Levels at C, and I'm choosing to go as an infantry soldier, it's not just a job for dropouts.
    Ask yourself what YOU want to do in the army, not what CAN you do.
  14. On the offchance that the OP is still watching this thread, here we go.

    As has been said before, take yourself down to the ACIO, and speak to a recruiter. If you want to join, then put in an application. Soon enough, you will take your BARB test (I'm not explaining it, it has plenty of coverage- do a search).
    The score you achieve in this will determine the job choices that are open, until then it is impossible to say.

    Even if the OP has popped smoke and buggered off, this should at least answer this question should it crop up for anyone in the future.

    Fat chance, I know.... ;)
  15. Lofty/MODs.

    Can we not make this a sticky aswell so that there is no room left for threads :? :D

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