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  1. Hi

    Well im 27...bored , fed up , want a new challenge , hate being self employed

    Tomorrow i am going to the recruitment centre and filling out an application form to join the RMP. Always wanted to join but just never got round to it.

    anyone got an idea on how long from submitting application until i would start basic (Phase 1)? obviously i know before that i have medical , assessment etc etc. I know i will pass all that , just trying to get an idea on time frame.

    10th november 2008 - Application

    is it medical after that?
  2. 6 months - 1 year

    ....if your lucky
  3. Why RMP?! of all choices!?

    You'll have to do numerous assessments then go to selection, where you have your medical. Piece of piss. Then starting dates.

    THe army is Mega mate. HArd work, but nothing comes easy. Suggest you do something other than RMP. like.... oh, i don't know....the ROYAL ENGINEERS.
  4. Well i was expecting a comment like that lol

    Just something i want to do :D
  6. It's dependant on a lot of things - firstly if you are eligable to join the Army, have no medical, financial, crime or drug issues and provide the information the Recruitiers require when asked for.

    You should try to get a good score on the BARB, sell yourself to the recruiter in the interviews and then do well at selection you should be in in no time. The fastest I've heard of is 25 working days.

    The only thing that could hold you up after that is when the next intake date for the RMP is.
  7. i`m being fast tracked due to themhaving my documents still on the system. i handed in my medical forms in at dr now i just ned to hear back i`d like selection around january mainly because me and the recruiter both said i dont wanna go till i am happy with my fitness. best thing to do is ven if you are fit just keep on training no harm getting there and being very close to how fit they want you by end of training.