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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MASON-N, May 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm 16 i live in the north east (sunderland). I've been browsing these forums for sometime now, and finally registered :) I'm currently applying to join the The Parachute Regiment (1st Choice) or The Rifles (2nd Choice), Both being infantry regiments (As many of you know). I have my interview tomorrow then hopefully i should get ADSC sometime this month, I've waited so long for it hopefully nothing else pops up on the medical once i reach glencourse!
  2. Well... I am overwhelmed.
  3. If its in the wrong place feel free to move it, Only introducing myself.
  4. Hey, my first two choices are the Rifles and Mercian. Third choice is some gunner job, can't really remember. Good look with that anyway. Did your ACO make you do a pre-ADSC run or not? If I pass my one of those tomorrow I should be onto my interview and then ADSC too.
  5. My recruiting Sgt. didn't make me do a Pre-ADSC run...Is that necessary? I can run the 1.5miles at a reasonable time (9:40/30). If i need to do a Pre-ADSC run then I'm game for that :) Just more practice.

    Cheers jarrod248
  6. I don't think the pre-ADSC run is compulsary, just some recruiters wanna make sure the people they're putting forward can do the run before they send them off I guess.
  7. Do you think wearing a suit for your interview is too much?
  8. I think a suit is recommended.
  9. not at all, I went in a suit an my CA wrote down on the report dressed smartly. The report is compiled with other information and goes towards your final interview at selection. Good luck :)
  10. Well since i started my application (Aug 07) i feel i have matured a lot, And dress smarter than i have. I think that it will be noted. :) Cheers lads!
  11. Had my interview today, Passed with a very good. My recruiting Sgt. Said i could get selection next week then i could be in training by June, Providing i pass selection!
  12. they dont allow mackems in ;)
  13. Hmm, Well its funny how they let geordies in, They have to stay on their knees at all times for the Sgt's who await a sucking :) The only thing you should be joining is the next space shuttle to the moon with the rest of the geordies ;) They should then plant a nuke on it that would solve todays problems :)
  14. Cut down ouch
  15. [​IMG]