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The Army instills confidence as part of the package and training. You just have to grit your teeth and show your interviewer that you can overcome being a bit shy.

Time it takes for the Sgt to get back to you depends on where you are, how busy your local AFCO (or ACIO) is and how bovvered the staff there are. Expect a few weeks.

And the use the reaction from your family as motivation and prove them wrong when you march past them in your Passing Out parade.
You're looking at taking a barb test if you've not already taken one, and your initial interview with your recruiter to confirm your suitability for the Army and then your second interview with the ACIOWO who'll will ask questions related to why you want to join, why the specific capbadge you've choosen, etc... You'll need to pitch your confidence at some level, you'll have to complete an ice-breaker during your selection. However, if you pass selection then your training will boost your confidence and you'll find it easy to talk in front of others, etc.
mmmm.... 22 and with a 7 month old sprog. I hope you enjoy spending months away from it. Or will you get all tearful during training when the nasty Cpl shouts at you and decide to go home to little Britney?
I hope I'm wrong, but with 26 years service under my belt I've seen this somewhere else I think. Another bloke's place wasted. :x
Hey shorty,

Good luck in the process, you'll probably get a phone call in a couple of days inviting you down for a chat, then you'll do your barb, then you have to get your med forms signed....that's how far I am at the mo, didnt take long either. I did all that in a space of two weeks so quite quick. Good luck anyways!
Pub_Regular came off abit harsh shorty73, but he has a point, 7 month old baby? to be fair, I would suggest waiting until your child is a little older -- give you a chance to properly bond with your child -- your only 22 so plenty of time yet, perhaps reconsider when your child starts infant school?

I applaud you for wanting to make a better life for you and your child instead of living off benefits (not saying you are) etc... but, as Pub_Regular suggests, could you handle being away for months at a time from your child?

out of interest, who would look after your child if you decided to join?
I wouldn't bet on the 'couple of years' after training before going away on tour, you might be lucky to get a couple of months.
Child being with you in phase 2 training, unless things have changed greatly in the last 14 years I wouldn't be too optimistic on that one either, you'll have some free weekends and that'll be about your lot.
Please tell me this is a massive WAH
Hmm... Erm... Reading your posts, I feel for your son, he has two issues to deal with, first he has to come to terms with your army career then your sudden convertion of sexual preference.

Poor kid :(
If you cant handle a few comments/banta on here god help you if you actually do join up

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