Joining up.

I have a mate that wants too join the army, But he very unfit. He wants too do it and im sure he will get in, But he smokes a lot.
He wants too no what the intake for harrogate army foundation is and what would the room numbers be like. Everything too make him more comfortable.

Many thanks =].
Wah alert... tingling...

He smokes a lot, is very unfit and wants to be comfortable? Not exactly got a lot going for him, has he?

Tell him to give up the tabs, get running and stop being so bloody modest.
like saying ... 'id like to join the army but i will not ignore my addictions.. if i dont feel like running you have to run as slow as me so we all get caught, and i must be pampered at all times'

typically rooms in training are from 4-12 people per room, and once passed out and on barracks 1-4 typically...

well thats what the "facts" are but hell i wouldnt be suprised if there is 20 in 1 room when i join.

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