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Hi, i am new so start with a quick introduction, im 19 and looking at joining the army, i have been in to career office once before and got as far as the medical which i didn' hand back in as at the time i decided to pursue something else.

At the time i got full marks on the BARB and had almost all careers open, but i am wondering if in the description it says double science needed does that mean there is no le-way whatsoever?

Also now i have three jobs lined up that i am intrested in:

1) Operator of miltitry inteligence

What are peoples opinions on these trades?

Cheers in advance!

And finally is there anyway of going to college with the army as i have good result, what are the chances of gaining a place?
Firstly, at 19 you are too old for Army Foundation College anyway so forget that one, and anyway its not an educational college, its Junior soldiers ;)

If you got full marks and had 'almost' all careers open then that doesnt mean you got full marks surely? ;) :D

Double science is Double Science, however if you have GCSE's that are relevant to the job you are applying for, and other qualifications such as NVQ's (normally at level 2 upwards) then it can be waived.

As far as the trades go,

Well opinions wont count for much unless you are getting them from someone that does that particular job.

The 2nd and 3rd jobs you have listed work on Aircraft, nuff said really, the 1st job choice requires a good standard of GSCE's at C and above to start with, ideally at least 3 of them and a really good level of common sense and logic to pass an psychometric/aptitude test in addition to a lengthy interview and that is in addition to the BARB test (which only gives an indication of how easy its going to be to train you in Phase 2).
cheers for the advice, when i say all jobs i mean i couldnt apply for officer entry thats all. Which in your opinion of the jobs would be most intresting?
Aircraft tech was one of mine (I'm going for AFC) If you want a good job for quals and civvi street high paing job then that is the one to go for.
7 Years min service required just so you know - 51 working weeks is phase 2 at Arborfield.

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