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Joining up


I have a soldier application going through, just got to attend the 1 day rejoiner medical (I'm ex-reg with 18 years service though been out for nearly 4 years). What with COVID and general delays I don't expect to be in much before Easter but that's fine, I can properly commit in FY 21/22. Once in I've heard Units are keen for those that can do lots more than 27 days, say 100 or more.

As a clerk or driver is that possible in my first year? I expect the 2 weeks camp to be taken up by the SIPAC at Worthy Down but I would like to do more to show willing esp as the Unit is going into Yr4 of the 5 year cycle, so potentially quite busy.

In a normal year this may be possible but with COVID likely to be here in a few months the training year for all Units could be different from normal.


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Many units have work for Reservist who wish to commit to Reserve Service Days (RSDs) in excess of the minimum training requirement of 27 days however given the austerity that’s likely to hit the UK next year there’s a very good change that RSDs will be restricted in way that they haven’t recently.


100 or more could be a little tricky in your first year depending on just how current you are and the unit you're meaning to join, as obviously the pool of RSDs will vary massively between them. Personally, I recon you're more likely to hit it as a driver than a clerk given the prevalence of AOs/unit HR.

Leeds based transport unit perchance or?


I joined up as AGC SPS years ago then transferred to the RAF equivalent. Been out of front line GAO stuff for quite a while so expect to do SIPAC. Tried the rejoiner regular route in the summer to be told only RAC/Inf were taking guys back in.
Looking at a Unit in Cornwall, AGC a possibility or driver whatever vacancy they have. Happy to do another Op Tour again but should focus on MATTS etc plus whatever commitment the Unit has.

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