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Hi to you all.
Really quick question here. I'm joining the RGJ, yet have been hearing some interesting things about them. Can somebody give me an honest opinion of the Regiment, the boys, the Officers, everything, so that I can be sure I'm making the right choice.
Cheers guys.


You won't find a better regiment in my "unbiased" opinion. RGJ ethos and methods are strikingly different from those of redcoat regiments, it works well and the blokes don't get shouted at.

You're making the right choice, but make sure you get the 1st Bn NOT the 2nd as the RGJ arms plot stinks (resulting in huge numbers of blokes signing off from both Bns).

2 RGJ currently in Warminster - sh1t posting. Next year they're off to Ballykinler, Co Down for 2 years (sh1t posting) followed by 4 years in Bulford (sh1t posting). You'll have been in for 6 years before there's a CHANCE of anywhere half decent.

1 RGJ are in Weeton (near Preston, Lancs) and are the spearhead Bn until the beginning of next year. They stay in Weeton until 2006. This will mean lots of NI (as they've been having for the last 5 years). There are not many in Bn above the rank of L/Cpl who don't have an accumulated campaign service medal for op service in NI (although their trip to Sierra Leone counts towards this too).

So either way you are guaranteed a medal in your first year but it will be for NI.

It is a shame so many blokes have signed off (and we are talking in the hundred's here) as the RGJ Recruiting team has probably been the most successful in the Army.
The RGJ are very selective of their officer corps, so that standards of the regiment are quite high. Most of the RGJ blokes I know are good eggs who stick up their soldiers. The RGJ have had a bad press recently over an incident in Cyprus a few years ago that led to the death of an au pair, but that involved 3 nut-cases and in an organisation the size of the army you are bound to get the odd one or two. Expect to work hard and play hard in equal measures.
You won't find a better Regiment in the Army. They have some unusual customs, faster marching pace, no colours, almost no bullsh*t. Officers Mess with no written rules, no bar, no toast or speeches at dinner nights.
Very relaxed attitude between Officers and soldiers. Some of the Officers are public schoolboys with fleas up their arses but by and large a good bunch.
Most importantly, they are very professional at all levels and ensure everyone is properly qualified.
If you are going to join them, you won't regret it.
Well, I'm joining as an Officer, but I'm trying to make sure I don't become one of those "public schoolboys with fleas up their arses." Whether or not this will be successful is yet to be seen! :D
I don't suppose you could give me a few examples of their unusual customs, so I don't get caught out and look like a plank!
Give you a few tips so you don't get caught out! Certainly not, why should you be different.
Relax and enjoy yourself, you will have a good time.
LE_OC said:
So either way you are guaranteed a medal in your first year but it will be for NI.
Not if current plans go ahead, as of Sept 2003 personnel going to NI will not be awarded the GSM, they will recieve a certificate (oooh)
NI is to be regarded as any other garrison town with in the UK.
if you havent got the gong and youre going, get those fingers crossed.


not many greenjackets that have not got the gong

Makes 2 years in Ballykinler even less appealing as there will be no furtehr qualifying days towards the ACSM presumably.
Far be it for me to make any difference, but I think that this isn't exactly a great move.
I mean, we don't need a great incentive to go anywhere. Medals are nice, but not that important (although I know several people who are in it only for the nice shiny pieces of metal on their chest, and don't care who they stab in the back to get them! :x ).
However, not that I've been to NI, but from what I've heard it's slightly different from your bog-standard Garrison Town, right? I don't think the boys are going to be too impressed with a bit of paper for their efforts!

Oh yes, and to LE_OC: haven't got that PM yet! :D
I take it that you either have not attended RMAS or have not reached week 22 yet?

RGJ, yes, a good Regiment with some top blokes. That said, there are loads of other excellent Inf Regiments out there, and my advice would be to have a look at a couple more. That way you'll have a much better idea of how you'll fit in. All of us have our own idiosyncracies, some of them may appeal, some not. So rather than going in blinkered, do a couple of fam visits.That way you'll have a much better chance of being happier, and therefore more relaxed in and better at your job.
Dogmonkey, cheers for the advice. I've seen quite a few Regiments now, as well as looking at other Corps like the Gunners and Sappers. I wouldn't make a decision without some good grounding, and just felt most at home with the Green Jackets.
Don't know much about them, but our previous Adjt was RGJ, top bloke. Won't go wrong if the rest are as good as him.
I was in the Falklands with one of the RGJ Coys. Good bunch , looked after there own. Always willing to help others, their Regimental Medic was a top bloke, excellent medic. You should have a good time with this bunch. Good luck with you career. :D
i worked in NI with a few RGJ blokes, good lot, enjoy. 8) 8)
I live about a mile from Weeton camp so my story is a little different :D

We use thier range on a saturday and I have never seen a bunch of blokes getting arsed around so much in my life.

The Fijian lads are a bit of a wheeze and are always knocking lumps out of each other and getting lifted by the RMP and CIV police.

I know a couple of the lads, and there only winge is that of every one else in the forces, too much work not enough play, constant tours and plenty of on the bus off the bus.

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