Joining up

Hi, just a few questions on joining up, ive done abit of research but i need some first hand experience answers.
I want to join the infantry but im open to any part of the army. What i want to ask..
How does the evening weekly training work/involve if in the infantry?
I want to get my drivers liscence which part of the army is best for getting this quickly?
What are the drill instructors generally like? (i'd imagine their there to toughen you up as well as train you)
If i join the infantry how long does it take to take on specialities e.g mortor, machine gunner, sniper?

How can basic training fit into such a short amount of time?
I live in the romford area if this helps

I am asking these basic questions so i can get all my answers on one page rather then hunting around.
Thanks in advance for all your help.


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