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Greetings all,

Seems to be some very good advice going aroung on the forum so I thought I'd pose a question.

I've just had my 26th birthday and have decided that civvy st is not for me. I spend all my spare cash and weekends romping around Wales/Forests paying to do hikes, campcraft training etc, I also like to to loads of sports. So looking at my rather dull civvy future I have decided to go and see about joining up.

Only problem is I was in the RAF when I was 17, my father was in and decided for me it was the career for me. I really hated the forces idea at the time so left after about 3 weeks. As I have a previous service record that states I left during basic, is this going to count against me. It's nearly 10 years ago and I'm able to make much more rational decisions about what I want to do with my life.

As for a career I've been working in IT in London for the past 6 years, so hopefully I can slip into an IT trade quite well in the Army

My 2p:

1. Age shouldn't be a barrier;
2. Previous mil experience is probably not an issue except that you may wish to check your rights to discharge if you decide you don't want to be in before you sign up.
3. IT specialists required in REME and R Signals and elsewhere
4. Good luck
Good luck in joining up and try to not let your age bother you.
I am 25 years old myself and am awaiting basic in the next few weeks, RSC did my head in with the young fellas. Though realize that headache works for you as well as against.

Cheers 2CB
Just go for it...I'm 25 aswell and start ATR Lichfield in August. Like you say, the young 'un's do your head in, but being that little bit more mature does have its advantages. Also last year I done RAF Reg basic and got badly injured with a week to go before final exercise, so I came out upon my own request, to get a trade in the army. The careers office didn't mind.

Best of luck.

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