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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Layercake, May 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    New to the forum, and just recently decided that i want to join the army, though it has always been a career ive been interested, in following, now really feels like the right time to pursue it as i am so sick of my civvie retail job, i need a big change in career..
    I know all the forces are pretty full up at the moment, it's not going to put me off, but i just want a rough idea of what im looking at and couldn't seem to find much info regarding waiting times.

    The job that is appealing to me is COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ENGINEER, as i have an interest in computers, and am far better that way inclined than say mechanical engineering.
    I'm just waiting for my date to go to the AFCO to chat about it all and would appreciate any info you guys may have regarding waiting times etc!

  2. I know how you feel i used to have fantasys of killing the customers when i worked in primark. I hate and will never do retail again fcuking customers.
  3. It depends on how quickly you get to ADSC and what grade you get when you get there. The best people to ask are the staff at the AFCO. but the general consensus is between 6 months to a year.
  4. Also working in retail at the mo, ******* hate it. Im going for selection on June 2nd.

    Army's recruitment is pretty dam full at the moment so will take some time. see if you can pick out your top 3 job choices (coms system engineer is my 3rd) Infantry's quicker to get in but i suggest you get a trade. Your have a few meetings with you Careers Advicer, a BARB test and a few other things, then your Selection.

    PM me if you need anything, its taking me about 2 years to get in as i got a 6 month deferral so i know waiting can be a pain in the aarse lol good luck with it all, your never regret it mate
  5. I was in retail to dawe damn it kills my spirit definetly in top 5 worst jobs. You say get a trade but my heart is in infantry i could see myself doing 22 years not any other job though. I think its better to follow heart than brain, could probably have a more enjoyable career.
  6. yeah tbh i have to agree with London_native on the infantry thing, i wouldnt to do it, but was joinning straight from school and was persauded to get a trade... So went Ammo Tech for RLC, back fired on the parents ;) haaa

    what reg you in ?
  7. Like it

    Think army think Infantry!

    My choices are:

    PARA Reg
    Rifles (1 hopefuly)
  8. Im going to join Royal regiment of Fusiliers (local regiment) from what i have seen on here ammo tech looks like a varied enjoyable job. Good luck.
  9. Nice, good luck with it all :) Might cross paths one day haha
  10. hey layer_cake, I went to apply for communications systems engineer the other my BARB on thursday :) can't wait to just get in, sick of at next and i've had enough :D anyway, I had a chance to look at a few entry dates, communications systems engineer was opening in October, so that's not too bad for me, I also applied for Military Engineer Design and Shipwright..not sure about the last, will have to see...anyway, might see you there when I finally do get in :D
  11. hey guys

    i dont want to put any one off but the reality is that people who are just applying now will not be making the next intake dates on the sheets the afco give you. these are next date for the intake yes, but you will be joining the queue which at the moment is as long as you arm.

    i applied last july and got a start date for this june. on a brighter note, if you get stuck into the whole application exsperience and work hard on your fitness the time will fly by and youll be on that bus to atr before you know it!
  12. yep thats true. there's people who passed their selection last year with decent grades who still haven't got dates for training yet so I wouldn't get your hopes up about going in october.
  13. Ha alot of retail haters i see!! I've been in it for 5 years and worked my way up through the ranks, and dont get me wrong ive had good times, but it just aint rewarding enough, same thing day in day out, only thing that changes is how stupid customers seem to get..

    October joining sounds very good, but i can totally believe that isn't likely with the way things are at the moment, i was thinking early next year hopefully but by the sounds of it even that is hopefull!
    I was originally also thinking about joining the Navy(although my opinion has now changed for a number of reason) but the waiting times are 2yrs + in some cases!!

    But for what i hope to be a tough, but rewarding and challenging career i know it will be worth the wait.. Crack on!! At least i have time to get fitter i guess
  14. whats the story with the long waiting for a place? i'm applying soon (have first interview on wednesday).
    is it just that there are loads of people applying or something else?
    feedback appreciated.
  15. There is a 'bit' of a recession on at the moment, not a credit crunch as the lunatics in power (for today) that is! So jobs are fewer and the forces recruitment goes up! So stand by for a long wait.