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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Rickygee, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Hey i'v sent a online application about a week ago to joing the TA in the Sheffield area! First of all how long will it usually take for me hear back? And what will the next steps be?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. IMO - i'd get yourself to the TA centre and fill the forms in manually.

    You'll then be told whats happening.

    Good luck.
  3. Ricky, who are you applying for?

    In sheffield you have Infantry, Medics, Infantry, Signals, Infantry, Engineers, and Infantry.

    Let me know and I'll tell you where they are, which part of Sheffield are you in?

  4. As mentioned above you're better off going into the TA centre and speaking to the Recruiting team. If you have a better idea of what you would be interested in you can narrow it down and visit maybe one or two.

    I initially joined the TA parachute regiment, although didnt last long there, but if I had known about my current unit i wouldnt have bothered going to paras in the first place, I only found out about my unit after having a look in the phone book, what does that say for recruiting eh?

    Have a flick through, find the address and phone number, give them a call and they'll no doubt pass you onto the recruiting team. They'll give you the information you need and when you can pop in and have a chat. most often they may try getting you in on a training night to see what happens there.

    Hope thats of some help

  5. I was waiting ages for something to come through. In the end I just headed to the unit and picked up what I needed. I will drop the forms off in person too.

    BTW 4 Para is just a short scoot up the motorway too. Cadre starts 2nd July - plenty of time to go through the recruit procedure and work on your fitness. I am from God's own Sheffield too and hoping to get on this intake.

    A bit of advice, don't go with the Signals. I drove past them the other night and one was walking towards the TAC holding an umbrella in uniform. They looked shabby IMO.

    Whiskey mentioned infantry a few times........I would agree with him. As an ex reg I have worked alongside the TA from all cap badges. If you are after soldiering, choose an infantry unit. Depends on what you are looking for.

    Anyhow, good luck. Keep us posted.

    PM me if you fancy a run/TAB anytime.
  6. Fcuk the sky fairies get yourself over to Endcliffe Hall and join 4 YORKS (awaits incoming from The Duke).
  7. I would do Whiskey, but my one regret from my regular days is not having a go at P coy.

    It haunts me.

    My local boozer is run by an ex 3 Para bloke. He makes me sit in the "hat corner". He never misses an oppurtunity to let me know that he is superior. It is all banter, but the Para lounge seems so appealing.
  8. i wasnt for one second suggesting joining the paras! i was meerly using that as an example and the fact that there were other units about, i just hadnt heard of them until going through the phone book.

    OTC and 4 Para were the only 2 units at the uni freshers fair, and certainly didnt fancy being a cadet all over again
  9. We can run around Graves park with a telegraph pole, punch eachother a few times and end it with a 20 mile walk in the peaks. It's just like P-Coy and it'll get it out of your system :D
  10. Cheers lads for the info, i appreciate that!
    I'm actually interested in the 4 YORKS up at Endcliffe Hall like you mentioned Whiskey! Im from the Halfway area of sheffield but it doesn't bother me where is sheff it is!

    So you suggest just popping down and speaking to them? When is the best time to do this?


  11. give them a phone first, you may get the PSI or civvy clerk, just mention that youre interested in joining, they'll pass you onto someone from recruiting and will tell you a suitable time to go in
  12. PM me your phone number if you're free tonight and getting the bus there, if you are I'll meet you at the bus stop and take you there myself. Promise I won't rape you... much.
  13. Oh and if you're driving then get there before 1930 and one of our Recruiters will give you the Gen and a recruits pack with your paper work/med docs in etc.

    I'd seriously consider meeting me though, I give a fantastic reach around.

  14. Hmmmmmmmm, sounds good fun. The only thing that will get it out of my system is a 10 miler, trainasium, log race, 2 mile march, steeplechase, milling, stretcher race followed by a presentation of a maroon lid and a fortnights jumping at Brize. If you could offer me that, i would be there with bells on.

    I am sure I would love it at your place, but I have an itch that needs scratching. I am sure you understand.
  15. Nah mate completely understand. If you're determined and fit enough then the opportunities you get with 4 PARA will be second to non across the TA Infantry. They're miles ahead of the curve with regards to integration with their Regular Bn's and have adapted to the current climate better than most.

    Best of luck getting that Max Factor Pink lid! :D