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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ghost_, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Went to careers office today, mainly for information and to show my face.

    he ended up saying i had to pick 3 roles, but all i want to do is light role infantry.

    so any suggestions what to put for my other two, trying to keep as close to light role as possible.

    also, I'm not really fussed about a trade, just want to be a fusilier like my great grand-dad.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. You dont have to have three choices, just stick to what you want. Although I would also advise that you look at other trades something else might grab your interest.
  3. Just put down a Guards/Paras/Local Regiment as your other choices. They can't make you do a job you don't want to do. If you put these down you wont have to do the maths/technical tests at ADSC.
  4. I've looked. and tbh, there isn't haha.

    The Light Role Infantry is the one that stands out.
    No offense to any Cores, but infantries what i want haha.

    but if i don't have to have 3 choices that's ok, because i've just been googling like mad trying to find different but similar infantry roles
  5. RAC do alot of dismounted stuff as well, might be worth a look fella.
  6. Ok. But you can put down 3 regiment choices that carry out the role as your 3 options. Its what the recruiter had me do for mine. Though in my case it was for Armored corps units
  7. Also, i passed a TA medical would i pass a Regular medical or is it alot harder?
  8. what about light role infantry 1st, Royal Armoured corps 2nd, and Royal artillery 3rd....thats what i did even though i was sticking to light role !
  9. WIf ya goto pirbright for ADSC ya get agressively manhandled by an elderly senior med officer. HAHA

    Seriously though. Im sure the medical will be fine. Best of luck with applying man.
  10. Thanks everyone. just got to decide when to put my application in, I did TA for a while, just deciding weather to wait a few months and apply when I'm at the fittest i've been, or do it now and most likely try to do to much in to short a time. ahahaha
  11. Very true and good shout !

    Go Guards ! ie Coldstream ! :D
  12. Il dig out the quote from the ARRSE community when I was wondering when to apply.......'Apply now and get the ball rolling. It can take ages to reach ADSC so the sooner ya apply the better. Work on the fitness while you are doing the paperwork stages etc