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I have just come back from selection in Clencorse and was chuffed to bits i passed with flying colours etc..! :p

I'm 28 and female..! I have 3 kids aged 9 , 5 and 1 yrs ( all girls )

I did ( as so many do ) fook about at school and come away with shite results ( i got D's in everything lol ) I would love to join as a vet tech but simply carnt with crappy results my BARB was 65 i think.

So i'm kinda fooked as what job i can go in for, i wanted Dog Handler but thats crazy and would have to wait till well into next year before there taking on again. I dont want to wait i just want to get in and do a decent job for a number of years, get some decent GSCE's or NVQ's and then with lots of luck and gained respect :wink: have a go a transfaring to the RAVC ( i'm dreaming i know lol ) or something i would really relish would be Military Trainer , training new enterants etc...!

Just the only things really are Driver/Coms , Tech Support Specialist , Port operator , Administrator etc and they way the ACIO guy made it out was that those are pretty shite jobs, any ways i asked him to put me down for Tech Support and the next intake is June 22nd ( next month ) but havent heard ewt and i'm climbing the sodding walls here, it's only 4 weeks or so away and i have no indication if there have me or not..!

how long does it take and how much bleedin notice will they give me.......? and if they dont get me on this one when will they as there is no further intake dates on the system..!

can i change my job if i dont get on this june one...?

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg it's so frustrating , they laugh at me in the office , they take the piss cz i talk so much lol lol as you probably guess...

me shut it now lol

You've only just passed selection...give it a few days then ring your AFCO for an update. I would advised against ringing them every day however.
hey mate well after all that 8O i have heard of people who have had just a weeks notice before going in . also im pretty sure that you can change ur job as i have heard of people whilst in catterick doing in other than that i think its the best info ur gonna get untill few more experianced people come on hope it helps .
i got back from selection on the sixth of may and they let me no last week that my basic is on the 26th july,so ive got quite a bit of notice,and btw are you from chorley??


i did selection at glencorse on 30th April ..! I'm from Blackburn lol not far from Chorley..!

Job i put in for is Tech Suport in REME..! he said AFTER id picked it that actually it's hard to get into as alot of phase 2 guys drop into that if they dont make the grades in there courses etc..!

They were CMT . Dog Handler . HCA ..! but HCA i just dont want to do now i only picked it as it was 2 yr trade training and wanted a house asap lol plus i've done enough ass wiping ( i'm an agency care working )..! now i'm not bovered , i just want to join the army and gwt my phase 2 over with.. my partner ( of 11 years ) is happy for me to spend the next 10 months or so up and down untill we get settled in housing etc.. then i get sent to off to Afghanistan lol lol lol perks of the trade eh..!
I am very surprised you were only offered them jobs to be honest, Comms Sys Op in R Sigs would have been available and is a priority job at the moment, up until recently you needed GCSE's to do that job and if you have Maths and English at D or above you would have got a £1200 bonus after passing Phase 2 training too.

There would have been plenty of other jobs available too that dont require you waiting for a long time but most of the time the recruiter will try and match to what you are looking for.

And setting the record straight for others, whilst changing jobs whilst in training is 'sometimes' possible it isnt an entitlement nor is it the normal route of entry, it is done to try and put someone into a different job when in a lot of cases they arent happy in the Army, or they arent making the grade in training ;)


lol got them meshell..! weird or what fancy meeting you here lol lol hope your well and how's your application going..!

i have been offered Driver/coms..? Fivetodo ...

I'll have a look on the army jobs page for Comms Sys Op.. i'm going in tomorrow to see if they have heard ewt..! they probably run and hide in the office when they see me comming lol poor guy's ..!

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