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  1. Hi there, i'm new to the forums

    I'm really interested in joining the Army and I've been into my local office to talk to the officers about it.

    I got an application form about 2 months ago and it's been sitting on my desk filled in for the most part of that time.

    I'm just wondering if it will be frowned upon as I heard they should be handed in within two weeks. I wasn't sure but I also heard that you are contact by the office if you havn't handed it in, but I've heard nothing back.

    I'm going to hand it in tomorrow but is there anything I should look out for?

    Dale Monaghan
  2. Sat on your desk for 2 months, great ambition to join the army then.
  3. just go and hand it in mate, better late than never! they are there to help you not to give you a negitive reaction!
  4. Try not to confuse the other forums with the NAAFI Bar. Some people just want advice not sarky useless comments.
    Oh and if you are going to be sarcastic back at me don't bother.
    Just apologise and move on.
  5. You have many posts so i won't try to argue, my apologies :(
  6. to be fair he has a point.

    If you don't have the motivation to hand in a relatively simple application form, you will not have the motivation to get fit, research for interviews, and get through training.

    but if its what you really want, just give it in.
  7. Have you never hesitated over a major decision? I know I have. There are so many people who won't even consider a military career so that alone is a worthy thing.
    Solstice, it takes manly cahoonas to apologise especially on tinternet where no one can get at you. Thank you.
  8. Under the new system I grade you as a C applicant.
    Just hand it in mate, you may find you have been withdrawn from the system but its only a click of the mouse to get you acctivated again