Joining up with a recently revoked driving license?

Hi, I've sat through the careers office brief and been given an application pack to get started with my application for the regular army (I'm aiming for the Household Cavalry), however a couple of weeks ago I had my driver's license taken away as I got caught speeding twice within the same year totting my points up to 6 which results in it being revoked if its in the first year or two. I've just sent off for a new provisional and intend to get my full license back as quick as I can and when I do get that it will still have the 6 points from before and I'd have to get the points up to 12 to get it taken again.

Will this affect my application? Do I have to mention it in either my application form or in any interviews? These are the only run-ins I've ever had with the law.
Yes tell them. They won't be shocked and not too bothered either. But if you lied and denied having any convictions at all then you would be in deep poo when your record comes to light. Just be straight with them.
Yeah I suppose a bit of speeding is one thing but not being honest is another, cheers for the advice much appreciated.
You should be OK. The Household Cavalry uses horses don't they?
Yes you need to mention it and have your provisional licence back before applying if you have been banned. You can have up to a max of 7 points on your licence for U21 year olds for HCAV so you had better keep your nose clean from now on. A lot will also depend on your Rehabilitation of offenders if you have any more convictions for other things but your Recruiter will be able to work out if your inelligable. What ever you do dont listen to the idiots who say dont mention things because if you hide convictions etc it may not of stopped you getting in the army in the first place but WHEN your found out you will more than likely get booted and theres a lot of people who are booted once in Phase 2 training when they put in for driving licences through the MT and found to of lied about convictions.
I had the same thing pal told em straight away and they said thats fine least uve been honest tell em straight away mate ive since got mine back so now its all good.
As others have said, tell them. My careers office made it very clear that if I tell the smallest lie on the form, my application's in the bin.

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