Joining up, Whats AGC like?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by CombatChica, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. I have my first choice down as a clerk, The army DVD makes it look so exciting, getting to go all over the place and getting into all the different corps, even working with the paras. BUT my careers officer rang me this morn to say its not really very active. Even out in the field you spend all the time at a desk. I like the idea of some clerical work but I want to be part of some action, I dont want to be sat down all day, missing out.
    He isn't really 100% sure what goes on tho so was hoping someone on here could fill me in.
    Thank you
  2. Classy! 8O

  3. That is the Clerks job spec.
  4. Didn't anyone tell you about the top secret Combat Clerk?

    Phone your recruiter and tell them the password: "the pen is mightier than the sword".

    Hope this helps.
  5. It all depends on what unit you are assigned to. With some you will be very much in the thick of it with the boys on the ground if you are willing but more importantly able and yes there will be units where you are tied to your desk, at the end of the day that will be your job.

    When you achieve the rank of LCpl with a recommendation of Cpl you will be able to put yourself forward as an Instructor at ATR Winchester teaching the likes of yourself at present.

    Also being an AGC (SPS) Clerk doesn't stop you going for soldiery type courses if that is what you want.

    Hope that helps a little :D :D
  6. I'm quite happy to be sat at a desk, I just want a bit of action too.
    How often are you assigned to a new unit, the DVD makes out that you get to move around quite often but I doubt this to be true.
    The qualifications it says you can obtain area a positive and easily transferable if i decided to leave the army.
    I wanted to join the army as I was bored with everyday life out here. I do admin now but am bored to tears as I do the same thing day in day out looking at a brick wall, I dont want to transfere into that!
    I understand promotion is quite good too, is this true?

    All advice greatly appreciated
  7. My boys will gladly sort out the action you seek!!
    Assignments are normally 3 years long, chuck in a couple of tours and Exercises and the 3 years flyby.
    You can obtain very good qualifications most transferable into civvy life however you can get hell of a lot more out of the Army once in.
    Promotion in the AGC is very good, 18 months to LCpl then 24 months to Cpl and 24 months to Sgt.

    The grass isnt always greener on the other side however if your not a "tool" you will love it :D :D
  8. Stay away from the Special Pen Squad unless you like making coffee working late and being blamed for all the worlds woes.
  10. It has been said on a previous posts, it depends on the unit that you are posted with, I was posted with the Royal Engineers (very mature) and they used their clerks when there were man down during the Op Tour, one minute you would be sat in the RHQ, the next you are filling Man Down in Recce Platoon (and the clerks were more than happy with this, they want to do their bit), on a weekly basis, it does depend on the unit.
  11. In my experience, attitude is everything. As some have said, most units will let you "have a go" if you display the inclination and the aptitude. But a word of warning, you are still a clerk and will always be seen as such. The extra opportunities wont materialise if you cant look after the guys admin and pay. The "Have a go" part is over and above your day job. And sadly as some one has also said, with the introduction of the JPA system, taking the blame for others mistakes is often the norm :( but if you can roll with that and help people out as much as you can, most units will recognise that and welcome you
  12. I agree but would take the promotion times posted further up with a very LARGE pinch of salt. Things have slowed down considerably since the longer career has been implimented.

    As every one has said it depends on the unit. Likewise you would serve with a variety of units so would get a feel for different roles more than most.

    Just be prepared for some bone jobs and taking the blame for anything that goes wrong with personnel's admin. Self service - my arrse!

    I can't believe this - am I really advocating a career in the SPS?

  13. Sels Service My Arrse indeed.
  14. Quite right Jockster & LJS - Self Service My ARRSE!

    Squaddie "Can I have copies of my pay statement for a mortgage?"

    HR - "If you log onto JPA - Self Service Employee, then go to Payslips, they're all there. Easier to read than the one's HR see"

    'Squaddie' "I haven't got time/can't be bothered to log on" (but can make time to come all the way to the pay office for us to print copies which he can't read or understand!)

  15. Don't forget "They're on Armynet too.."