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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mullen1981, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Hello, I'm going to take the plunge and go for the army this year, I know I'm getting on in my years (29) and I know time is running out for me to join up.

    I originally went into my local army careers office 5 month ago and got all the papers complete even a date for a barb then just as I was walking out the sgt asked to step on the scales- 17st!!! And that stopped my application dead.

    I'm 6'3 and a big frame from years of rugby and weights so I've honestly never had a weight (fat) issue because I don't 'look' 17st

    The sgt put my stats in and said I was 28bmi- so no good, he told me to lose at least a stone and come back, and I've managed to lose just over 1/2 a stone recently.

    I weighed myself this morning and i am 16'4, I'm now wondering if I go back and see them could they start the ball rolling as long as I continue to lose the weight as I've proved I can do it, the fact my application was stopped dead until I lose weight did knock me back until recently so it's not took me 5 month to 5mnth to loose 8 pounds (just incase you were thinking :) )

    Despite my size I'm honestly think im nearly fit enough to join- I can do 1.5 miles in 11:05 and 64 press ups in 1 min?- is that enough? I train almost everyday so exercise isn't a problem for me (despite my weight)

    I need some advice on how to shift this last bit weight? All the forums I've been looking at say weights and no cardio to lose weight but I need cardio for the job role?
    I've looked on army fitness and it seems (dare I say it) a bit too easy? 20 mins running then some press ups and that's it for the day (I'm not trying to sound cocky there btw)

    Any advise about my situation would be great, if it's taking roughly 6 month to join I'll be be at my weight and even better, I just need some help on shifting at least a stone of large but in a way it will help me when getting in the army?

    Cheers in advance
  2. I'd loose the other half stone before going back. But I've also found weirdly that I loose more weight if I do weights than cardio, and I do a fcuking lot of cardio but anyway even if you had the correct BMI you're too slow, you should really knock another minute at least off that 1.5 mile time so combine the cardio work with diet and get back to your ACIO as soon as you can because that's when the waiting really begins heh.
  3. High intensity intervals should sort your running out and make sure you are doing 15+ reps on the weights. I would suggest 3 or 4 cardio sessions; 2 x 40 min+ at average 135-140 BPM (you'll still need some endurance for basic trg) and 2 HIIT sessions of approx 30 mins each and then 3 full-body resistance/weights sessions of approx 40 mins on alternate days - you could do the HIIT sessions after your weights if you don't want to train 7 days a week. Make sure you are doing good warm-up and down along with stretching.

    I am similar in height and weight (6'2" and 102Kg) as you but somewhat older (44) and a routine similar to above keeps me at sub 9 mins for the 1.5 mile with no issues on sit-ups and press-ups - indeed I've scored 300 points on the last three tests. Providing your waist is under 96cm I didn't think the BMI (28 for me also) figure was too relevant, it isn't for serving personnel. You may wish to checkout what your bodyfat percentage is as that will give you an indication of what you need to do use this link as a rough guide []Weight Loss :: Men's Health as you may be carrying too much muscle.
  4. Look up a BMI calculator. At your current weight, you are 28.5 and that is only 12 pounds from being obese. I reckon you need to lose a lot more than a stone to get into an entry weight for the Army. Cut out the beer, bread, sweets etc.
  5. BMI is a shite method.
  6. you beat me to it BMI readings are shite
  7. LOL - Might be shite, but they will be factor in whether this guy gets in. And lets be honest 17stone is simply in the 'fat bastard' territory.
  8. London Native must be sitting on is hands hehe!
  9. Don't lock it and he'll be along soon enough.
  10. I'm saying nothing :)
  11. I thought that LN had re written RI's (Recruit Instructions) and informed CRG that the BMI had been increased to 32...............I'm sure he can find some kind of link to it.

    To the OP keep up the work and once your under 28 go in and have a chat at the ACIO.....we can tell immediately those who are working hard to get in the right range and it only takes a few minutes when in town to check. Once close your Recruiter hopefully will start the process. Good luck.
  12. You can rest-assured LN will have ordered himself a lovely new pacestick and it'll be through your ears soon enough.
  13. So at at time of being able to be a bit more picky about who we take in, it has been decided to recruit the really fat ******* - wonderful. We don't seem to have this manning thing completely joined up do we.
  14. No that reference it being up to 32 was an in joke for one of our more challenging ARRSERS (LN) on here who thinks he knows everything who likes to bring up links from old posts all the time and write dribble (Got to feel sorry for the ITC staff in March)....the BMI requirements are still as before 17 to under 28 ........if you read the bottom part of my quote it does actually state 28...sorry for the confusion....I suppose trying to spark a bit of sarcasm on a Monday isn't helpful.
  15. Not trying to brag but this "gobshite" was right all along! I would like to direct you to the medical standards on this page, then click what are the requirements for BMI and all will be revealed.

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