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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by law333, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Firstly, hi.

    Ive finally made the decision to join up. I went to do it when i was 16 but wasnt anywhere near mature enough so changed my mind.
    Im now 24. Ive been working in Architecture ever since walking back out of the recruiting office 8 years ago.
    I cant stand it. I hate being stuck behind a desk pushing lines all day for a deadline that doesnt exist.
    Ive also had a year travelling around Australia. Im engaged to a stunner and we've been together for nearly 8 years. Shes cool about me joining up as she no's that ive always wanted to.

    Ok, am i too old? I want to go in to the AAC and eventually get through to be a pilot but because of my age and qualifications im not sure if i qualify. Ive got 9 GCSE's ranging from B-D (and 1 E!) plus a B-tech Nat Cert, which is the equivalent of 2 A levels.

    Im not that fit though. I can run for maybe a mile and a half before my lungs feel like they are going to pack up and leave, about 30-40 push ups and maybe 15-20 pull ups.

    Depending on what happens at the RO tomorrow ill be giving up cigarettes and seriously getting back into shape.

    How long does it roughly take from the first meeting at the RO to basic training?

    Ive got no bad medical history. The only problem i can see is when i was travelling Oz i might have smoked the odd funny fag....

    So what do ya think? Do i have a chance making a decent career out of the AAC?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

  2. One way to find out.....Why not just give it a go and see what happens? Only way you'll know for sure mate.

    Hope this useless comment helps :D
  3. yea good luck mate. no need to give up the booze and cigs...i havent....

    if you read the ADSC sticky it tells you what you need to be able to do physically to get in.

    ps you should post a pic of your fiancee
  4. Theres no way that 24 is too old, im 23 and theres many a bloke nearly 30 ive meet thats joining up or going back, most of them infantry but thats beside the point.

    Youve got good upper strength, especially if you do that many heaves. Getting your 1.5 down isnt that difficult aswell, by the time you get a selection date you could breeze through it.

    Dont think youll be able to apply for pilot, but you could give Aircraft Tech or Avionic Tech a look if your into that kind of thing.

    Good luck.
  5. If your medical goes okay then your looking at 5 months +. You could properly shake a month off that depending on how long the Recruiter and Doctors take with your application.
  6. And lay off the weed.....
  7. Because of my qualifications? Wouldnt really want to get back in a class room to work as a techy, thats pretty much what im trying to get out of now! Ive had a few lessons in the last couple of years and really enjoy it. Apart from the cost....

    Either that or the paras?!? Id much rather a combat orentated role as opposed to an office job.

    Thanks for the comments.

    I accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Solo. ;)
  8. Ok, so i went into the recruiters office today and was told that i could be on the pilots course after 2 years working as ground crew. As long as selection and phase 1 go ok i should be starting phase 2 on the 1st of Jan.

    Ive looked around forums a bit and im getting the impression that they will say that (and anything else) to get you in. When he was talking to me it seemed like just another recruitment company desperate to hit targets.

    Are there many on here that are in the AAC? What am i really getting myself into?

    again, any feedback on this would be great.
  9. have you got a date for phase 1 yet?
    if not the process from handing in application to starting basic is on average 5 months.

    ps do you take cash as the girlfriend will check my card statements. plus she looks after them for me anyway!

  10. Yeah thats the reason you are going to fox platoon then
  11. Ive been smoking for over 10 years now so need to stop anyway. No more from tomorrow.....
  12. i give up every day after work then see the she hag that im married too and start a sodding chain smoking school
  13. ^^^^ Put a paper bag over your head everytime you catch a glimpse and go to your happy place.

    Law333 im well jealous about that, you sure you can become a pilot with your quals? I was under the impression that you had to be literally be a certified genious to be a pilot.
  14. fox platoon is for "special" recruits.....
  15. goodluck, law333! on both your goals: a pilot job and quiting the cancersticks.