Joining up, selection tuesday.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DKeyworth, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. I have selection on tuesday at glencourse. My first choice Armourer as due to my grades and BARB results i was pushed towards a trade requiring grades. First choice was going to be RMP but lacked the C in English language, then fancied it as a pioneer or infantry in the rifles. After having 5-6 initial interviews with the SGT i was pushed onto the WO with choices i wasn't really interested in.

    My concerns are, I'm still overweight and struggling to do just 1 heave I can only manage about 25 situps in 2 minutes. I'm a big lad and fairly strong but when it comes to my own body weight i'm still slacking. I've been told that this isn't a big problem but still a concern. Wondered if anyone recently has passed selection doing shite on those 2 and if i have my interview at selection and say i'm still not happy with my decision on armourer will they push me back to the ACIO and fob me off.

    Been reading up on arrse pretty much daily for other people in similar situations but not much follow up info. At the moment i have a crap job and can't stand civvy life. I'm 23 and hoping to start a decent career in the army. Got 2 bro's both going for the RAF which i didn't fancy at all. Spent many a moon trolling the forums and the jobs on but i'm struggling to narrow them all down to just a few for a definate decision. Any suggestions would be gratefully received towards job options.

    reading the army site and speaking to people who've been out a while aren't that much help as they don't give a good insight to the job role. Figured someone who is similar to my way might help with a decision towards the job choice.

    Fairly smart but can't be fcuked sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day with my head in a book as i'l fall asleep. I like to be active which is why i fancied the infantry but promotion prospects seem shite i've heard. Looking for decent blokes aswell which is why i've got my heart on the army. Get so many saying army blokes are best for friends for life and i wanna trust, have fun and respect the guys i work with.

    Reading that back to myself looks like a fcuking blind date advert , all i missed out was i like long walks on the beach :) . But if you read this and may have gone through the same struggle to choose your job and can give me some insight I'd be fcuking chuffed.. Cheers lads !
  2. I passed Selection about a month ago now, joining up on the 19th of October. Im joining as a Infantry Soldier.

    There is nothing to worry about at Selection nor the sit-ups because they don't test you on your sit-ups, they test you on them when you start Basic and do your initial fitness test which lasts for 1 week I think.

    As for the heaves I did 8, at first I could only scrape about 4 maybe 5 but I did loads and loads of push-ups and managed to get much better. You've only got 3 days so I would get down and do a far few until Tuesday, but don't cause a injury to yourself.

    Personally I would go for the job you want to do not the job your Recruiter is pushing you for.

    Hope this helps.
  3. i went through a big problem choosing my job choices. i originally wanted to join the paras and having good grades was bombarded with jobs.

    in the end i settled on the engineers as a knocker, which seemed a reasonable compromise. i nearly transfered to the inf in phase one, but stuck with it, and im glad i did.

    a few people i work with have been in the infantry before, and they say the engineers do more then the infantry on a day to day basis. its a hard job at times, and the phase 2a is a tough course, but it also requires a bit of brains. if its the challenge your after, remember that ppl like the engineers, sigs, and some loggies can do p company or aacc, so you dont neccesarily have to be an infantry soldier to have the option to do some hard stuff.
  4. Why do recruiters always push you away from your original choice? My Barb test score and grades meant that any job in the army was open to me , i went for the paras and the recruiter was fine with it. However ive heard of a lot of recruiters persuading people to go for a completely different job, at the end of the day its what youre going to be doing for a long time so why do something you dont want to do?!!
  5. It's true, they do usually try and push you to do other jobs but you have to remember they have their own quotas to fill mate.

    I'm quite lucky in the sense that as soon as i read the Royal Engineers brochure i knew that was the corps for me. Do what you really feel you will enjoy and see yourself being happy being part of for the next four years at the least.