JOIning up - REME - Info needed!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by macclad1988, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. hi everyone, i know youve most likely heard these questions a thousand times, but ive got my selection a glencourse in 5 weeks time....

    currently doing the run in 10:00 so shouldnt have any problems there, one area of concern for me is the technical selection test... can anyone shed some light as to what is in the test, and also what score i will need for my trade (reme vehicle mechanic)

    also, i know the whole weekend is graded from a - e , what is the minimum grade which will be accepted for my trade ?

    many thanks in advance for all your help guys :D
  2. The grade you get determines how quickly you will get a date for phase 1 not what jobs you can do.
  3. There's countless threads on here about the TST so you wont have a problem finding any information. Personally, I found it easy enough but just revise the topics you have to and you shouldn't have a problem.
  4. brilliant, thanks guys,

    with regards to the tst, i got a D in my Maths gcse, is the TST set to this standard? i shouldnt imagine it being too hard as the entry grade for Reme VM in maths is a D?
  5. gsce maths d is the standard requirement to get in as a vm so i cant imagine it being out of reach if you got that, i think its just to make sure you havent turned spaz since you did your gsces which for some off us was a while ago (6 years ago for me!)
  6. Having just come back from selection today - don't worry about the tst (i was worried before ADSC, but after doing it i wondered why) it's actually easier than what you think its going to be. For VM you require 16 correct answers (the same amount as what was needed for my job choice) and i scored 23... out of 55. Which isn't the greatest score but tis better than what i though i'd get.

    In regards to the grade system , it supposed to determine and allocate the vacancies to candidates with the highest grade first. However my interviewing officer actually mentioned today that the grading system isn't currently being used.

    Hope That Helps
    Syn :)
  7. when u on selection mate?
  8. great, thanks for the info...what sort of questions did you come across on the tst?
  9. im the same as you mate ive got my adsc in glencorse coming up aswell, im joining the engineers doing communications, think i need 19 out of like 40 odd, dont think thats to much to ask, i got a 6 in maths in school but that was 5 years ago, done alot of maths revision, well not alot but im working at general credit now, i recommend bbc bitesize, also if ur struggling go to your local library and get a maths workbook out, also ask if they have general grade pass papers so you know what to expect in the tst, should let you know what you need to worlk on, good luck mate
  10. There are plenty of really thick VM's about so I'm sure there is no need to be overly concerned - not saying you're thick of course!!!!
  11. The tst is not hard, just make sure you look up fractions and how to divide them, along with %'s and you should be fine.. 70% of the paper is on %s, whole numbers, fractions and so on.. for example

    I have a budget of £100, how many boots to the whole number, can i buy based on £4.92 each? (if that sounds right :))
    a: 20
    b: 21
    c: 31
    d: 50