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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Is this now Arrses most popular board?

    It fecking seems to be, I really cant see how we can still have a recruiting crisis unless every single person joining the army this year has chosen to ask their bone questions here.

    What happened to getting the careers info from the careers office, tipping up to basic getting ragged for a couple of months then on to phase 2.

    My advice to the little darlings is to man the fuck up and get on with it. If you give it your all you will succeed, if you give it your all and dont succeed unfortunately you are a biff.
  2. I was wondering myself actually. It really does make you wonder how we all managed to get from our homes to ADSC, then on to phase 1 in the 'old days'. How the hell did we cope without Arrse?
  3. Was there a shorter gap from walking into your careers office to the ADSC in the "old days"?
  4. Yes, it was called 'no interwebthingy'.

  5. The internet surely doesn't make a difference to how the army runs the speed of the recruiting process?
  6. Go and start a thread on it in the Joining up board.

  7. No it doesnt but what it does allow is utter fcuking mongs to dribble on their keyboard as opposed to getting thrown out of the ACIO or not even bothering in the first place.
  8. They must be using 1 brain cell to find this place.....
  9. Went to the careers office did some stupid test picked a trade, picked another trade, told which trade i was given, got on the train at Glasgow Central 12/09/78 next thing I knew it was Sept 2002 and i was a civie again it was like Bobby Ewan getting out of the shower, older, fatter and still non the wiser as to what i had done for all those years. Oh yeh and what the fu@k I had some woman and 14 year old boy that kept calling me daddy following me around.

    I had an open mind and very low expectation and true to form I was not disappointed. Turn up have a great laugh go home if you have to ask anonymous guys in cyberspace will it be hard just play commando or call of Duty on your nine ten toe, x-pox or go for a run on your wii, it will not be so sore, you don't need mates but you will miss the best times of your life.
  10. Not a shorter gap, just a little (read a lot) more thinking for myself between the two. I was given a book on ADSC, and told to train accordingly. I did. I passed. I didn't ask anybody what the minimum for pull ups was, because I wasn't planning on doing the bare minimum, wanted to do as many as I physically could. So far as I could see, this was my job interview, and I wanted to make a good impression. Same reason I didn't ask if I should take a suit and tie for the final interview- the clue is in the name, it's a job interview!
    Closest I had to a computer when I joined up was a Spectrum 128k, good thing I never asked any questions on that- the bastard couldn't even load Dizzy the Egg properly.
  11. I think that we are perplexed to find that young people who have managed to grasp the concept of the internet, seem unable to tell the difference between a site dedicated to ripping the piss out of each other, and an offficial organ of the British Army.

    But hey, its entertainment.
  12. Is dis were i find out about da paras coz i is well ard init brrraaapp brraaaapp :x
  13. I know what you mean Spaz, I like a few other Recruiters/ex Recruiters went on at first to help out and try and give some advice to the serious questions but always added that it was best to speak with the current Recruiting staff at their ACIO. Unfortunately there are the individuals on there who get an answer they dont like so then Re-post it on another thread asking the same bone question. Or you get the immature kids who think because they are going or just gone through the process know everything about the process and RI's (Recruit Instructions). There are some good questions that are posted especially from concerned parents but 90% of the posts can easily be found in previous posts (so search first) or speaking to the big hairy Recruiting Sgt at the ACIO.
  14. Completely agree. Whilst I haven't actually started yet (1 week to go) I would like to think that since I applied in Oct I haven't asked any bone questions and if I had a question first port of call was the AFCO.

    I always considered in my eyes that ADSC was a 2 day interview and thankfully I got offered the job. Now all I got is a 2 more interviews which hopefully i will also pass.

  15. Hey Iron, are you still in the arrse of the world 8O

    and I see your team did well this season :D