joining up regular!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uksharpshooter, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. how many times can you apply to become a soldier ? with like being derefferd or how ever you spell it or just not makeing it ?? thanks
    Oh and all so if any one has any questions that need answering please post here aswell so theres not posts every where for joining up for the regulars thanks.
  2. Being deferred simply means being told to come back when you're fitter/more mature/free of VD. Being rejected means you can't try again.
  3. what sort of things can you be rejected for tho ??? sorry to be a pain
  4. Failing your medical; there's a list of barred conditions in the form accompanying AFCO Form 4 and if you've got any of those then you'd be rejected unless there were extenuating circumstances. Having unspent convictions or outstanding charges against your name; having at some point been involved in terrorism, sabotage etc; (for certain jobs, for officer entry or for the RAF, RN or RM) failing your security check; being in excessive debt which you wouldn't be able to pay from service wages or being bankrupt. You can also be rejected without reason at any time if it is thought that you're unsuited to the armed forces. Being an undercover journo's a bit of a no-no as well.