Joining up questions

Hi guys
i have put my application forward and have my barb test on the 13th febuary, im stil in 2 minds of what rouite to take im so fed up of reading my heads hurting
im either going infantry rifles or mercians. or royal engineers ( but have a few questions first).
ok my brother was in engineers from 89 to 2005 and specialised in bomb disposal and stil does it in civvy street now and ive asked him but would like a few other peoples views.

i have in mind what i'd like to do but ive read other posts and still am a little unsure.

ok if i join the engineers as a plasterer/painter how long would i have to do my trade as plasterer before i could put forward for a specialistion like diver,bomb disposal etc?. And if i specialised in bomb disposal for egsample would i do this more than plastering i no comabt engineer is also part of your trade.

also i hear 24 commando engineer regiment is still under forced so between 24 and 33 engineer regiment EOD. i no you proberly never get your first choice. but whats chances of getting either one.
If you choose RE when your at phase 2 of training you'll be asked if you want 23, 24 or 33/101 from the other RE regiments.

from completion of your B3 combat engineering course you should get your chance at your first choice.
oh awsome id like to get 24 commando engineer regiment if i went engineers but 33 eod wud be a good 2nd choice
If you are fit enough then yes go RE long slog from the off mind.

TRADE COURSE (plasterer/painter)

Best part of 2 years in training before you even get to your first posting!
then on completion of that lot you can apply for what you like.
sounds good though be 2 years well spend then after that would be nicely trained :)
mason read the stickies at the top of the page for info on joining The Corps. REgards

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