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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Finchy, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. Hello, I was just wondering how long does it take from giving in your application form to attending basic training, does it happen very quickly or is it a long process, i heard 6 months from somewhere but cannot remember specifically. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. This is one of those "how long is a piece of string" questions! The time that it takes from completing your application form, the attestation and attending basic training will depend on the time it takes to process your application, vacancies within the training system and your chosen employment.

    The key is that you are patient and use the time to prepare yourself for military service. A good example of this would be to begin a personal fitness program, get used to reading maps, use the 24 hour clock, read about military procedures such as drill, weaponry etc. If you do not feel up to some of these things, at the very least ensure you can look after yourself and get your administartive matters in place (eg banking etc).
  3. My question to you is how fast do you want it to occur, if you are a fat slob with no ambition and a desire to move at the pace of refusing to remove your finger from your rear end then it will take 6 months.
    Stupid question deserve stupid answers, what you should realize it is it depends on "job" and how quickly you want to be in.
    I belive they are looking for cooks and secretary's interested?

  4. 2_C_B Your probably not evan in the army. what you want to join up because youve watched saving private ryan to many times? but yet you just cant bring yourself to join because your scared of the bigger boys, me im only 16 and dont know much about the army so how am i supposed to know this stuff idiot. You just come on these boards thinking your one of the ''squaddie lads''.
  5. Finchy

    Word to the wise mate,

    Keep ya gob shut and your eyes and ears open when you do eventually get in, as little comments like the one above might it makes your nose bleed!
  6. Well i'l give it ago for answering your question.

    I personally think that its how good your AFCO is, Some AFCO's can be right cnuts and lose applications and not get back to you when they say.

    I'l outline the steps in the application and as guideline i'l give you the time it took. I went to the careers office filled in the basic questionaire and spoke to a recruiter expressing interest that i want to join. I then booked a appointment for the following week. i came back the following week then told him what i wanted to join etc. He then booked me for the barb test two weeks later. Passed that then made my job choices. Next step was to get references and medical records. This took the longest, My references were done sharpish and were sent straight back to the AFCO, but the medical records take a while. Think this stage took me about a month to get sorted. Then it was onto the 2 interviews a week later, i had my 1st interview on the monday and 2nd on the friday. If you pass those its onto RSC. I think RSC is conducted every two weeks so your pretty much on one straight away. If you pass RSC then its the next available intake you'l be on.

    Ive just outlined the time it's taken me, might be longer i.e if your references or medical records take ages.

    If your application does take ages then keep pestering your AFCO to sort it.
  8. Word of advice never claim to be anything I am not and I was granted the gift of employment by the British Army with wide open arms they greated this wide eyed Canadian. Learn to take a joke and not get into a temper tantrum.

    Cheers 2CB
  9. (Sigh) - yet another fcuckwit, why can't they read the threads first - get an idea of what to say and how to say it... but then again, we'd have no sport :twisted:
  10. Depending on where you live trecruitment normally takes between 3 months and 12 months, depending on when you applied and where you live, and how much information you have given.

    If you live in Northern Ireland the security checks can take a little longer than normal for obvious reasons.

    If you have supplied all the information quickly, like N.I. Number and examination results and the A.C.I.O. aren't awaiting anything from you it'll be quicker.

    Also delays are caused by having to wait for the next intake, or you may have applied to close to an intake to get in and have to wait for the next one.

    Good Luck.

    FINCH: Keep your mouth shut you gobshite. You know nothing. Leave the answers to those that are enlisted (or have been).