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I am in the recruiting process to join the regular infantry have adsc in feb 2013 and have a question. I am 26 and want to know if i am likely to get on tour to afghan, i dont mind which regiment i join as long as i get out there? Also if i did not get on a tour at my age would i be less likely to have a good career and get on promotion/courses when there would be younger guys with combat experience and i would be the virgin. If that is the case would i be better off joining the TA infantry and continuing with a civvy career. Cheers people


Whether or not you get on tour depends on too many factors, such as when you start training, when you finish training CIC is 6 months but you may be there longer if you pick up an injury. The majority of British troops will be/have been withdrawn from Afghanistan by 2014.

As long as your fit and not a drama merchant I can't see your age being detrimental to your career. There are plenty of people who get along quite well with little or no operational experience.
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