Joining up process for the Paras..

Hello hello, I joined the Army earlier this year and left after 3 months of initial training for an assortment of reasons. I'm now wishing to rejoin, however I'd like to go in to the Parachute Regiment this time but I'm not too sure on the process of joining back up. I've been back in and filled in all the forms and have a date for the barb test and all that bollox..

It's not that I'm curious about.. I'm curious as to whether there are any extra selection tests at the ADSC.. or this thing called a Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course which is done as an extra. Is this correct or is the only differenece between joining line Infantry that you have to get a run time of under 9:40?

Sorry for the essay and all that but I'm not too good with words, cheers in advance though people.
Hello mate im 2 looking to join the Paras in the new year. Its just the norm barb you do the only thing diffrent is your 1.5 mile time got to be faster then rest of the regs. Iv done my barb and maths and english, and docs medical just waitin for interviews., Go on army site and on Paras and book a insight course it take you about 5 mins to book i done mine 3 weeks back for 9th jan.In this course you will do the same tests as in selection so you can see wgere your fitness is . I think i made a mistake booking mine 9th jan with all that christmas booze and pudding in me i be f@ck on weekend lol.
good luck.
How come you're having to re-take your BARB? I'm in the process of re-enlisting but didn't have to retake a BARB test (I left in the early stages too, about 9 years ago).

No idea about extra stuff you migth have to do, but take a look at this, it might help :)
Para Brochure

I think pages 14 and 15 show the career path.

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