Joining up - potential Royal Anglian

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Fotofrog, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Evening guys,

    Just want to introduce myself and ask a few questions ref sign up etc

    I'm in the process of gettin my application sorted and getting barb test dates etc sorted.

    Am looking at joining the Vikings where possible.

    The guy at the careers office wasn't a lot of help so thought I'd use the wealth of knowledge on ARRSE to help.

    Rough ideas on times/performance for the reg? Am doing training at the moment with a 1.5mile run time of approximately 10mins after 3wks training. Press ups/pull ups are no issue just need a little more work on Situps.

    Also wanting to progress as quickly as possible once in - ideas on timescales to promotion etc?

    Trades available within the Vikings?

    I can't get on the army website on my phone for some reason so can't look up on there !!

    Any other tips/help/advice much appreciated


  2. dont go to viqueens, go to the poachers!
  3. Any particular reason why mate??
  4. just a bit of banter mate, ive been told both battalions are great and has a tight bond between each other (as said by a corporal who served in both). poachers recruit from my local area but cause vikings are preparing for a tour next year its not down to preference. its down to where you are needed so you could end up in either one.
  5. Fair play. Well Vikings recruit from my area so assumed I'd get pulled there anyways but am more than happy with either.

    Are there any opportunities for specialist training within infantry roles?

    My other preference was AT but that's purely dependent on BARB and ADSC scoring
  6. i honestly have no idea mate better off asking your recruiter down your local careers office
  7. Get a grip
  8. The guys at the afco don't seem to be interested unless you're going for RA .. I'll do some digging around online
  9. what afco?
  10. Norwich mate
  11. any q's just ask
  12. Hi guys, I was wondering, Im from Ipswich and I want to join the Poachers. Is this possible, or would i be pushed towards the vikings??
  13. I'm in the same position as you are joining the Royal Anglian, I'm waiting to do my BARB test's and what not, So I'm also trying to decide who I'd like to join, But I was hoping someone on this thread could help ?!
  14. fotofrog theres a recruiter at colchester afco who is a viking, hes my recruiter, top bloke
  15. Well I've actually ended up applying for the RAF reg .. No doubt I'll get the usual slating now from the arm chair generals but after talking to people and thinking about it I've decided to go for it .. Smashed my ASTs and now waiting for medical then selection .. Once in in wanting to get pre para done and hopefully join II sqdn RAF reg ..

    Thanks to everyone who offered help and support on arrse - much appreciated and good to see that there's a host of ppl willing to help despite the odd aggressive/sarcastic thread.

    Good luck anyone else looking to join up!