Joining Up (Need to get healthy)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ProjectAngel, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. hi,

    ive been really drawn to the army recently and would like to join up... but i dont wanna take little ol' me to sign up and find im to unhealthy to get in... :oops:

    id just like advice on how fit i really need to be to get in.

    i heard something about a 1.5 mile run and other tests... i just dont know what these other tests are and whats the requirement to pass.

    id also like help with a training scheme to get me into shape before i go to the office.

    p.s. dunno if i posted this in the right place so feel free to shout at me if i got it wrong.
  2. Angel,

    It depends on whether you are male or female, how old you are and which bit of the Army you intend joining.

    This question has been answered before and probably with more authority than I can manage - search for "BPFA".

    As a young lad, you should IMHO, be looking at 40 press-ups in 2 mins, 5 mins rest, 40 sit-ups in 2 mins, 5 mins rest, warm up for 0.5 mile, then 1.5 miles at best effort in less than 10m 30s.

    Warning: if you can't achieve that now, don't try to do so without a slow build-up. The Army won't recruit you if you are dead or injured! The Army is also fussy about your BMI although they have relaxed the upper limits in the last few weeks.

    Speak to your ACIO in the first instance.

  3. ok ta very much...

    40 press ups aint gonna happen for me... best get training.

  4. As lits said it really depends on what arm you want to join. The very basic test for all soldiers is the BPFA which takes into consideration age and gender. If you are at a reasonable standard of fitness at present try the tests, believe it or not 2 mins for the press ups and sit ups is a long time. Bear in mind there is also A BCFT which involves an 8 mile march carrying 15 kg to be completed in 2 hours. There are a few websites that can assist you with pre training just search around to find one to suit your present fitness state.
  5. Hi Guys

    I need some help with a few simple questions please. Firstly let me start by letting you know my situation, I am a 27 year old male, looking to join the Princess of wales royal regiment TA 3RD battalion Infanty. I am a big bloke (Not fat although I could do with shedding a few pounds) I have excellent body strength (Upper and lower) and could do the press ups and sit ups in the 2 mins no probs at all but when it comes to the run I might as well be on crutches haha. I know you can score a max of 100 point for each test, so can any one tell me if there is a minimum total points to pass the fitness test or if I score high on the sit ups and press ups will they be a bit more flexible on my run ?. Secondly I understand that the tests are done over a weekend, I take it that the fitness test is done on day one, so what else do the recruits do over the rest of the weekend ?, are there any more tests to pass over the weekend or is it more layed back after the tests, just wondering. Someone said to me that there might be a 3 mile tab as well to do over the weekend to be completed in 30 mins, surly this is not true as it is a little soon to be doing such things as a raw recruit right ? I though that would be done a little after your first weekend, can anyone give me some answers to make things clear to me so I can go and prep myself. Oh yes before anyone says I should be fitter or do more running, I will says this, I jogg to work everyday its not too far but its a start (I start work at 5.30 am monday to friday and my work is 2 miles away, secondly I hit the gym 1-2 times a week, the only reason I am a totally crap runner is because I have mainly been training as a body builder not a runner although I am not that big, beause I do mostly tonning work rather then bulking up). Thanks guys for helping me out. I am serious about joining so any advice is cool. Thanks again.
  6. Don't try to do them in one go! The correct position is to start on your hands and knees - go horizontal with your arms outstretched, lower until your nose is just off the floor and raise - for one! Do ten and return to your hands and knees. Wait 20secs, do 10, wait 20secs, etc. Assuming you can't do 40 in 2 mins, do as many as you can - to exhaustion. Repeat tomorrow. Miss a day to recover, 2/3 days to max, miss a day.

  7. Sh1tty,

    I suggest you try posting this on the TA Forum. The experts there will be better able to guide you.

  8. Sorry, Sh1tty, I missed the detail in the middle...

    So, you jog 4 miles to and from work 5 days a week and you don't think you are very fit?!

    I bet you will be in the top 10-20%! You might not be fast on the run, but you won't be exhausted at the end.

    Don't worry.

  9. I see where you are coming from Sh1tty, a lot of soldiers can run at a plod for ages, it's the intermediate BPFA running that causes the problems. Even though you jog to work each day, which is really commendable, you need to do some interval/fartlek training. This will build up your stamina and cv system. Stay away from the weights and stick to varying press-ups, dips and heaves.

    As for the BPFA, you must score on each, there is no averaging out of press-ups to run etc. As litotes said post this thread on the TA website as well, if you get no joy there speak to ACIO.