Joining up, need answers.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DarkCloud, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Hullo all, I've a few questions to ask regarding my situation.

    I'm TA Infantry, been in for 7 years, 2 operational tours, got numerous qualifications, and I've got just over 6 months left on a 2 year FTRS engagement with my regular unit who I recently deployed with. I've asked to transfer into the regular army but I've been given the cold shoulder by Glasgow, due to cutbacks/wanting to bolster up the numbers of TA/and basically me not being a trained soldier!! etc

    I've been told that I will now have to approach a careers office and make an application. Now when I make this application what is the process? Will I have to wait out for interviews, for medicals, for selection and finally for a start date? Also when I eventually do get my chance to start sucking eggs, sorry, start training, am I going to have to sit through all of the basic training, i.e Phase 1 and Phase 2, or do they still do fast tracking so that I spend as little time in ITC as possible! Don't fancy sitting through Rifle Lesson 1 again, although I'm sure the regular version is slightly more gripping and exciting than how the TA do it.

    If anyone has been in my situation, rather recently, or works in a careers office and has the correct answers for me I would be very grateful. I appreciate people in my unit now have given me advice and their opinion on what will happen, but if I could hear it from someone who knows for sure then it would put me at ease.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Just realised I possibly sound like a mincing cnut, but I will add that if I have to sit tthrough training again I would, with no dramas
  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    How can you be in the TA 7 years, have deployed and not be a trained soldier?

    You don't have to go to a careers office as the application process is on line until, the interview stage. Obviously at some point you will have to leave the TA and also hand in your FTRS notice. TA, not a problem but I believe (and I may be wrong that it is 6 months for FTRS), which may affect start dates

    You will have to go through the 203 process and Glasgow will have to accept you as a rejoiner/re-enlister (depending on if you are a trained soldier). They will also require a letter of recommendation from your current CO.

    If Glasgow agree to take you then they will decide where you start regarding training. I have had a Cpl RSigs straight back from deployment apply to go from TA to regs and Glasgow said back to Sig and Phase 1 training. He told them to poke it and is now a TA Sgt. every applicant is different and I have now idea how Glasgow make there choices. They do have a limited number of slots for rejoiners and re-enlisters though and once they have reached the quota for that trade/cap badge then that is it until the next training year.

    Unfortunately Rifle lesson 1 TA is the same as Rifle lesson 1 Reg so if you do go back that far don't expect it to be anymore exciting.